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People's way

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Martina hurriedly patted Fang Wen on the back, and slowly smoothed the breath between his chest and abdomen with a gentle and cool breath. Fang Wen did not care to show a smiling face to Martina. He jumped up like a monkey whose tail had been burned. Pointing at Fang Wu, he shouted: "The son of a turtle is his illegitimate son, and I am his father!"! What are you talking about? At this moment, Fang Wen, like a boy who peeped at his first love girl but was discovered, became a little angry from embarrassment. Fang Wu's words, faintly close to the bottom of Fang Wen's heart can not touch some things,plastic bulk containers, Fang Wen even ordered the killing to silence, the golden hall together with all the voters inside and all the soldiers outside have the idea of killing. With the strength of the three hundred guards around him, and with the abnormal power of him and Martina today, it is not difficult to do this. Am I talking nonsense? Fang Wu sent out a series of dark laughter: "Three years ago, my father handed over half of the assets of my Fang family to you, but there was no sign of any investigation afterwards.". If you don't have any relationship with him,collapsible bulk container, with my understanding of my father, he will do so. "Half of the assets of my Fang family, Fang Wen, this is the family property that my Fang family has worked hard for hundreds of years to accumulate, and my father is usually stingy.." Ha ha ha, he actually gave you half of the assets, after the event did not give me a little explanation! You know, I'm already the patriarch of the Fang family in the actual sense! Fang Wu clenched his fist forcefully and shouted, "There is no explanation for such a big thing. Half of the assets are given to you!" Shrugging his shoulders gently, Fang Wen smiled and said, "So you think." I'm the bastard son of your bastard father? Your associations are too rich, euro plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, aren't they? "It's not that my associations are rich!" "I once had a brother whose name was exactly the same as yours," said Fang Wu in a ferocious voice! Is it a coincidence that your name is exactly the same as my dead brother's name if my father is old and confused and gives half of his assets to you and dares not pursue it because of the pressure of the army? Heaven and earth conscience, this is really a coincidence! Fang Wen rolled his eyes in silence and looked at the sky with a deep sigh. After a while, Fang Wencai said with a wry smile, "Well, well, I admire your imagination very much. But I suggest that you send someone to investigate my family background. You'd better hang him.". If the person you sent out is really smart and capable, he should be able to pull up my DNA samples at the base where I was born and compare them with my parents' DNA samples. "Samples can be faked!"! For my father, this is a very easy thing. Fang Wu sent out a series of sneers, he has decided that there is some shady relationship between Fang Wen and Fang Zishan. If Fang Wen is not his bastard father's illegitimate son, with Fang Zishan's disposition, will he give half of his assets to Fang Wen obediently? Joke! For hundreds of years, Fang Wu did not know his father of the sound of the piano? A man who is mean, unkind, and devoid of friendship will give half of his assets to someone who has nothing to do with him? First aid costs? Are you kidding me? What kind of emergency expenses can cover half of the assets of the Fang family? It is only possible that Fang Zishan gave birth to an illegitimate child with an important member of a potentially powerful voter family, but both sides have various reasons not to recognize the identity of the illegitimate child, which may lead to such a thing. You want to leave before you can say it clearly? Fang Wu suddenly made a move and grabbed Fang Wen's shoulder with both hands. Flames gushed out from his palms, and his palms were instantly covered with high temperature flames of more than four thousand degrees. Fang Wenli did not pay attention to Fang Wu, and he walked forward by himself. Martina wanted to make a move, but she was pulled to her side by Fang Wen, who muttered lightly,mobile garbage bin, "Don't touch him, dirty!" Martina rolled her big eyes and nodded gently with a smile. With a loud roar, he pounced on Fang Wu like a mad bull. cnplasticpallet.com

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