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Seek the way of immortals

2022-09-01 10:22   Electronics   Darbhanga   220 views Reference: 1577

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 After all, I spent a long time with Xiao Jin and saw that Xiao Jin was scarred. Xu Qingfan also felt a little uncomfortable. Hold Kim down. He took out some of the trauma medicine refined by the Beihai scholar. Wrap it over Kim's wound. Xiao Jin suddenly felt a burst of coolness in the wound, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Agate Slabs Countertops, which had been extremely painful. Shouting and jumping with excitement. Xu Qingfan understood Xiao Jin's thoughts. He gave all the trauma medicine in his sleeve to Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin, on the other hand, ran toward "Evil Spirit" and "Auspicious" with a pot of medicine hanging all over his body. Why After Xu Qingfan finished all this. Then he asked the "evil spirit" and "auspicious". " According to our calculations. A generation of white tigers is about to be born. We need to use the "Inheritance God Plate" to help the new generation of white tigers grow up. And you can only put it off until thirty years later. Hear the sound of "auspicious". Xu Qingfan suddenly realized something he had neglected before. After thinking for a moment, Xu Qingfan asked, "Dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and basalt.". Do these four mythical beasts have a good relationship with you? "Nature.". We are the only five mythical beasts left. Together to guard the world monster. Even the balance of the spirit of the earth has our contribution. "Can you sense them?" "Natural energy.". There is induction in the city of gods and beasts.  But I still want to inform Zi Zhen to avoid them. After all, it was the four mythical beasts they caught. Mmm. But it is said that Zhang Xu-|-is the mastermind. Xu Qingfan secretly thought. It is a pity that the Four Spirits Map was destroyed. But since the Shura clan has already come back. Then the "Four Spirits Map" which was originally intended to be used to seal the Shura Clan was basically useless. Instead,Marble Granite Price, it was Zhang Xusheng. There are four extremely powerful mythical beasts in the "Four Spirits of Heaven". Is it more than four or five times more powerful than the "Black Dragon Order" that Xu Qingfan has visited? With the help of it. Zhang Xu The force increases by nearly half. Xu Qingfan also noticed a mythical beast with the head of a tortoise and dragon. It's Canglong. Seemed to sense the blood of the mythical beast in Xu Qing's body. As Xu Qingfan gradually approached. Xu Qingfan is getting closer and closer to the misty golden light emanating from the "Divine Plate of Inheritance". The brighter these golden lights are. forustone.com

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