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Aluminum Alloy 8011 Foil Description

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Aluminum Alloy 8011 Foil Description

Aluminum Alloy 8011 foil is a typical alloy for aluminum foil and is currently the most widely used metal in our daily life. Properties such as its low weight, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance of the final product, have ensured that 8011 aluminum foil ;is widely applied in various fields. For example, aluminum foil containers are the best packaging solutions available in today's market.

Not only does the aluminum foil container keep the food fresh, but it also helps protect the food from bacteria. Aluminum’s total barrier to light, gases, and moisture is the principal reason for its use in packaging solutions for food, drink, medicines, and technical applications.


1235 Aluminum Foil

1235 aluminum foil ;is the aluminum foil of aluminum content not less than 99.35%, Haomei Aluminium can process 0.018-0.5mm thickness of 1235 aluminum foil, because this product has excellent rust resistance, formability, dissolving ability, then it is widely used in cigarette packaging, cable, capacitor, tape, battery foil, flexible packaging, etc.

Rolled in Alloy 1235 with 99.35% minimum aluminum content, our foil slit edges are very clean, resulting in a consistent unwind with minimal breaks.


Properties of 8079 Aluminum Foil

Alloy 8079 is usually used to produce kinds of aluminum alloy foil, which offers the best properties for many applications with H14, H18, and other tempers and thicknesses between 10 and 200 microns. 8079 aluminum foil is mainly designed for the general packaging of both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and it has better properties than pure aluminum foil. Most importantly, we manufacture products according to the requirements of customers. The high quality of the 8079 aluminum foil supplied by HAOMEI Al. fulfills a diversity of markets like household foil, packaging foil as well as pharmaceutical foil


Introduction to 3003 Aluminium Foil

3003 aluminum foil ;is a common product of Al-Mn series alloys. Because of the addition of alloy Mn element, it has excellent rust resistance, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Similarly, 3003 aluminum foil is also a non-heat treated alloy, so the cold working method is used to improve its mechanical properties, but 3003 aluminum foil with medium strength is 10% stronger than 1 series alloy aluminum foil. In addition, the plasticity and welding performance of 3003 aluminum foil is also very good. So, It is a good choice for aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors, lunch box containers, and aluminum honeycomb core material. Here, Mingtai as a large-scale 3003 aluminum foil manufacturer, has introduced the world-class Zhuoshen foil rolling mill and adopted ANDRITZ plate rolls to make the produced 3003-H18 aluminum foil, 3003-O aluminum foil, 3003 -H24 aluminum foil, and other 3003 aluminum foil products have multiple advantages such as food grade, clean degreasing, fewer pinholes, good plate shape, non-deformation in cutting, and easy to peel off, etc., and they are exported globally at an affordable price. So, You can rest assured of purchase!!


Household Aluminum Foil

Household aluminum foil has a clean, sanitary, and shiny appearance, it can be integrated with many other packaging materials, and aluminum foil surface printing effect is better than other materials, in addition, aluminum foil has the following characteristics:

(1) Aluminum foil surface is clean, and sanitary, no bacteria or micro-organisms can not grow on its surface.

(2) Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, it can directly contact food without any harm to human health.

(3) Aluminum foil is a kind of tasteless odorless packaging material, that will not make the packaging of food have any peculiar smell.

(4) Aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it itself and packaged food will never dry or shrink.

(5) At high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of oil permeability.

(6) Aluminum foil is a kind of opaque packaging material, so it is a kind of good packing material for the products of sunlight irradiation.

(7) Aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be used to pack all kinds of products. Can also cause any shape container.


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