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Best supporting actress

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 I can only rely on the factory minister.". And you may therefore bear countless infamy and blame for me-even after a thousand years of ashes, the world may still not give you a fair evaluation, the factory minister can be ready? Qi Yunyan slightly one Leng, then slightly smile, "I have been reviled by the world for these years, already do not care about these.". If I can help the emperor with some modest efforts, it will be my lifelong honor. She looked at him for a while, and then slowly,decorative palm trees, word by word to open his mouth, "If the factory minister can keep his promise, not to betray, I also promise you here, from today on, no matter how many impeachment against the factory minister, regardless of whether it is true or false, I will press down for you one by one.". There is no need to worry about the hidden arrows behind you, just let go of your hands and feet,fake blossom tree, and leave the rest to me to pacify. After everything is done, if I am in office for one day, I will guarantee that the positions of the head of the ritual supervisor and the governor of the East Factory will never be replaced. After a pause, her eyes gradually filled with a smile, "of course, if the factory minister wants to retire and live in seclusion, I will try my best to protect your wealth and stability." He had thought that she might make a generous offer, but he had never thought that what she promised was unreserved trust and almost unconditional protection. For the emperor, wholehearted trust was a far more rare reward than sealing the king and sealing the Marquis. An emperor may have many princes in his life, but he may never really trust even one courtier in his life. Long En is too heavy for people not to be frightened. Qi Yunyan in her so valued, really can not help but hesitate, "the court can minister many, the emperor why." Why did he choose such a eunuch, or a eunuch who had served other masters. Yuqi smiled, "If you can use it for me, you can be a capable minister. If you can't, silk cherry blossom tree ,large artificial blossom trees, what's the use of letting him be so capable?" With that, she looked away a little and whispered, "When my father was alive, he said that the most fortunate thing for an emperor was not to open up territory and pacify the world, but to meet a good minister in his lifetime, such as Shang Yang of Qin Xiaogong and Wei Qing of Han Wudi.". Qi Yunyan has always thought that at the beginning of the emperor to treat their own attitude close, a lot of care is to win over themselves. But it turns out that it's not all about wooing, and the reason is here. Come to think of it, since ancient times, fickle emperors, if not the son of an old friend, at the beginning of the Cining Palace, she was afraid that she would only stand by and do nothing, rather than so fully protect. He lowered his head slowly, only to feel all kinds of emotions surging in his chest, like a foul breath that had been pressing on his heart for many years. Eventually, some people are willing to believe that their father was wronged by a villain, knowing that he was not the son of a treasonous minister. Think of here, can not help but between the throat, before suffered all kinds of humiliation at this moment seems to be because someone understand and fade down. After a moment's silence, he gathered up his robe and, regardless of the unhealed wound behind him, dragged himself out of bed,silk olive tree, lifted himself up and knelt down slowly to her. Yu Qi could not help showing the color of surprise, raised his hand to support him, "what is the factory minister doing?" hacartificialtree.com

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