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Broken blade of willow setting sun

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I'm going to find Qin Hundred Years to get justice. Ma Bazi, devilishly hold them here.. "Qin Hundred Years is not a good thing," said Hua Mantian angrily. "Neither are you, Sha Chengshan." Smiling, Sha Chengshan said, "Sha never flaunts himself as a great benefactor.". Master Hua, if you don't go,Iron Nail Making Machine, I have to go! Hua Mantian certainly knew that his side was still very difficult to fight against the people of Black Dragon Castle. How can a man who has been hungry for two days have the strength to fight? Hua Mantian approached Sha Chengshan and said, "Sha Chengshan, you agreed to make sure we go to the Shaolin Temple safely.". "If you leave halfway, you won't get a hundred thousand taels of silver!" Nodding his head heavily, Sha Chengshan said, "Yes, I said that!" "Even if I hadn't said it, I would have automatically sent you to the Shaolin Temple," he added. "Son of a bitch," said Hua Mantian, "you're afraid if we die halfway, you'll lose a hundred thousand taels of silver, won't you?" "Yes, Master of the Flower Gate," said Sha Chengshan with a smile. In fact, silver is not important, the truth of life is important. Thinking that last year I sent'treasure 'to Yangcheng for Qin Hundred Years, Sha Chengshan only received one or two silver from him, but he went through life and death. In the end, Automatic nail machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, he played a trick on me. That's when I saw human nature. Hua Mantian snorted coldly and said, "You deserve it!" Looking coldly at the sky full of flowers, Sha Chengshan said, "Yes, I deserve it, so my style has changed.". The worry-free door has treated me badly several times. Why did I save people in vain? Master Hua, first of all, how do you pay me the one hundred thousand taels of silver? "Sha Chengshan," said Hua Mantian angrily, "have you ever seen a man who went to war with so much silver on his back?" Sha Chengshan smiled and said, "I know the Master of the Flower Gate doesn't have any silver with him, and Sha Chengshan won't want it now. But must the Master of the Flower Gate say something?" Hua Mantian said in a deep voice, "After the Shaolin Temple treats my son Hua Lang, I will immediately order someone to fetch 100,000 taels of silver for you." Sha Chengshan smiled and said, "Well, not only will the five masters of the Flower Gate be able to leave here safely, but the Master of the Flower Gate will also be saved." "Sha Chengshan," said Hua Mantian, "you must accompany us to the Shaolin Temple." "Of course," said Sha Chengshan! Although I just came out of the Shaolin Temple, for the sake of one hundred thousand taels of silver, I turned back and went again. The two maids immediately went into the cave again. Two people set up a flower Lang, Sha Chengshan saw, a tight heart: "This is only a few days no see, young flower Lang has gone out of shape, deformed!"! His eyes were sunken, his eyes were black, his lips were blue, his face was green, his mouth was bleeding, his whole body was trembling, and his feet came out of the hole almost without touching the ground! Hua Mantian hurried forward and said, "My child, let's go!" Hua Lang still looked at Huck just a few people laboriously and angrily, hoarse voice, way: "Damn!" Looking at the flowers all over the sky, Huck just said angrily to Sha Chengshan, "Good boy, today you smashed Uncle Ha's pot and kicked Uncle Ha in the face. You must remember this account. Don't be caught by me in the future. See how I torment you!" Yan Ruyu said angrily, "Sha Chengshan, I wish I could swallow you alive!" Indifferently, Sha Chengshan said, "Don't bluff. Sha Chengshan won't listen to the noise!"! But there is a good advice, I hope you two can listen to it and remember it in your heart! "Say it," said Huck. "You two don't know yet," said Sha Chengshan. "A bloody storm is about to break out in the Wulin of the Central Plains." "What did you say?" Asked Yan Ruyu. "To tell you the truth," said Sha Chengshan, "the Shaolin Temple has received the posting of the'Wulin Alliance 'from Longteng Huyue Erzhuang. The date is set for the Dragon Boat Festival in May. The ambition of Harburg Lord, Qin Bainian and Jiang Housheng has been revealed. They are trying to control Wulin. If Sha Chengshan's guess is not bad, after the alliance meeting, the first one to be devoured must be your Black Dragon Castle! Huck just grinned angrily and said, "What an old man Qin! I'm going to unite with my brother Bai to get even with him, but he's already secretly plotting against the leader of the Wulin Alliance. Ma Bazi, he can't succeed!" Sha Chengshan was overjoyed and immediately added, "It's not far from the Dragon Boat Festival. You two should know why the sky is full of flowers." At the mention of saving flowers all over the sky, Huck was just angry. He snorted coldly, "Sha Chengshan, what else can you do besides fighting for one hundred thousand taels of silver?" "Yes, and it's a very important reason,wire nail machine manufacturers," said Sha Chengshan. At this moment, six black armor warrior see flowers all over the sky five people slowly walk up the mountain path, then immediately take out the knife wound medicine for the wounded bandage!. 3shardware.com

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