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Bumper plates

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Bumper plates are weight plates made of high-density rubber molded around a steel insert. Each plate, regardless of weight, is the same diameter and they are designed for use on a standard Olympic barbell. Also known as “bumpers”, they are most used for Olympic and CrossFit style lifting.

barbell bar is an exercise equipment mainly used in weight training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. It consists of a long metallic bar with weights attached at each end. These weight plates fastened to the ends of the bar are used to make up the desired total weight.

Gym bench or weightlifting bench is a staple if one looks to work out at home. It has a number of advantages and benefits. It speeds up the metabolism, which helps in more effortless weight loss and strengthening the bones.

dumbbell is a simple tool used in weight training. It is often a single piece of metal or other heavy material that the user holds in their hand. Some nicer models, however, do have variables weights just like a barbell. The dumbbell's weight provides resistance, helping the user to build muscle in the upper body through repeated motions.

kettlebell is a type of dumbbell or free weight that is round with a flat base and an arced handle. It looks like a cannonball with a handle, or a teapot without the spout, hence the name “kettlebell” in English. Kettlebells offer a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness—endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance.

Wall ball is a sport in which players compete by hitting a ball against a wall with their hands. Wall balls are simple and brutal exercise when done for long durations and with significant loading. The act of squatting, throwing, catching, and absorbing and transferring energy in a highly cyclical fashion is demanding on the muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Medicine balls are mainly used for throwing and catching drills, which build explosivity and the ability to absorb and redirect force—all of which are crucial to athletes. A medicine ball, which might also be referred to as a fitness or exercise ball is a weighted ball that is generally used for either strength and conditioning training or for rehabilitation.

slam ball is a weighted, rubber-coated ball which can be used in a range of exercises to condition and define your muscles. Though very similar to medicine (med) balls, slam balls have one crucial difference – they have thicker surfaces, making them ideal for high-impact throwing exercises.

Bulgarian bag is a similar tool to a sandbag or a kettlebell that you carry on your shoulders. It is a tool in use for weight and strength training. The Bulgarian workout bag has a half-moon shape and is usually filled with sand. Most are constructed of leather, synthetic leather, or canvas. The feature that differentiates the Bulgarian bag from the traditional sandbag is the unique shape which allows for a wide range of motion to target many of the body’s muscle groups.

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