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Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao

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 Obviously, even a strong man like the King of Mori can only use a method similar to the cicada shedding its shell to deal with Medusa's petrifying ability. Long Haochen heart dark horror, he knows, if he wants to solve Andu Mali, then, the priority must be to solve these Medusa. The reminder of the moonlight night is right! The danger of Medusa is even more terrible than that of Andulari. It's not that these Medusas are so powerful, and their petrifying ability can't completely petrify Long Haochen, who is a God. But even if they are slowed down by their petrified skills, they can't bear it! Medusa's eyes can not look directly, otherwise, the whole body petrified, and Medusa's eyes can also shoot out a petrified ray,car radiator cap, the hit will also be petrified. Of course, the use of this skill is also very expensive for Medusa. At least they can never be uninterrupted display, at the same time, usually they are equivalent to blind, can not open their eyes at will. With a low roar, Andumali pointed his hands at the king of the spiders, while his snake muntjaks slowly scattered around, alert to the maggots that had sneaked into the swamp. Obviously, in the battle of the younger brother, the snake demon won the final victory, and the ordinary maggots, after launching the final all-out attack, had no great threat and could only wait for an opportunity to move in the swamp. And then, obviously, it's time for the king to fight against the king. The snake demon God Andu Mali singles out the king of the mussel. Of course, Andumali can let his people to consume the strength of the king of Mori Shan, CNC machining parts ,Steel investment casting, but on the one hand, his men have been damaged a lot, and on the other hand, he also wants to rely on his own strength to seek revenge from the king of Mori Shan. With the existence of this big killer, he has absolute confidence in himself. You know, every time he uses the Demon Pillar, he has to consume the power of the source. This time his goal is not only the treasure here, but also the inner alchemy and snake gall of the king of mussels, which are great supplements. If it can be eaten, then Andumali has at least a 70% chance to advance to the ninth rank. The king of the maggots gazed at Andulari in a low roar, and the snake's eyes shone with anger. In a sense, they all belong to snakes, but at this time they have become sworn enemies. Andumari's body is already quite large, but it is nothing compared to the king of maggots. Two strong people are about to die, Long Haochen is more careful to hide his breath, for him, the upcoming battle is absolutely extremely valuable information. He has always wanted to know, after borrowing the power of the Demon Pillar, how far the Demon God can be promoted, and this scene will soon be staged. Andomali, the snake demon God, put his hands in front of the snake spear, and a roar kept coming out of his mouth, and the snake demons around him also roared. Originally in his side of the four Medusa did not follow up, the face is silently left next to the Demon Pillar, quietly facing the direction of the King of Mori. These four Medusas are like four magic cannons, and no one knows when they will fire. Andumali raised his snake spear in both hands at the same time, and the low singing voice gradually became high and even began to be a little harsh. Behind him, the seventy-second Demon Pillar began to emit a lavender halo. Do not know why, feel this lavender halo, Long Haochen suddenly feel some familiar, this familiarity is not from the Demons, seems to go.. Thinking of this, Long Haochen's eyes suddenly changed, but soon returned to normal. Then he saw that the huge snake statue coiled on the huge demon pillar seemed to come to life, and the dark shadow fell from the sky and quietly attached itself to the snake demon Andomali. Long Haochen's pupils suddenly contracted, because he was shocked to see that after the dark shadow melted into the snake demon God Andu Mali, his body actually grew at an alarming rate in the "Baidu Tieba sailing without a second child", and his breath was also becoming stronger. The terrible pressure of the breath comes from the blood or from the special power that does not belong to this world. His strength is still the peak of the eighth order, but the breath is so strong that he has to surpass the ninth order. Seen from a distance, Andomali, the snake demon God at this time, seemed to be completely integrated with his demon pillar. Even the snake spear in his hand grew bigger as his body grew bigger. The king of the mussel is also constantly sending out a roar, and the three golden lights behind it become more and more bright and bright. Circles of blue light spread from its body, and suddenly, the dark elements in the air were dispelled at an alarming rate, replaced by a special element wave full of the double breath of life and death. The poisonous fog in the swamp also became more solid, and in the sky, there began to be light green acid rain falling from the sky,deep draw stamping, and there was only one goal, that is, the snake demon God Andu Mali. autoparts-dx.com

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