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Flowers bloom and can be broken.

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Jiang Tingting ran over and cried, "Dad, these two people bullied us and stabbed Yicheng." With the testimony of the director's daughter, it will be much easier to deal with the aftermath. The two boys haven't had time to run yet, and to be honest, they may not be able to run. Come out and make trouble for me. Why don't you go home? First, she said to her daughter, "Xiao Li, call someone to take them back for a good interrogation." Look at me again, "go to see a doctor first, and then take a statement." With a businesslike manner, he turned around and left. I was secretly happy that the two guys were hurt much worse than me, but they were not treated as well as I was. Uncle Jiang is really cute. You guys go back first, and I'll take Xiao Cheng to the hospital. Grab me and walk to the car. Wenwen originally wanted to follow, but looking at Chen Jie's appearance, she opened her mouth and did not dare to say anything. I told her in a whisper, "Wenwen, don't say anything when you go home." She had already been pulled away. All the way, Chen Jie kept a straight face and did not speak. I finally couldn't help laughing when I saw how far I had gone. Chen Jie still ignored me, but when she saw me staring at her rogue, she couldn't hold back. A smile flashed by: "Still smiling. Why didn't you cut off your ears? How can you see people?" He took me to the emergency room for stitches and looked at the wound with concern until the dressing was finished,stainless steel tube fitting, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. Come back with me. Always show me. Still with a look of anger. Good sister, don't be angry. It's not worth getting angry for people like me. When I got home, I had to tease her with a cheeky smile. "Well, you should have said so." Really can not pull down the face to go, "Xiao Cheng, you look like this, how can I rest assured outside?" Look at the time is not early,12 needle valve, "I have to attend the pre-sale ceremony of residential buildings, you stay at home alone." "Sister Chen, let me go with you. I'm all right and I want to see the excitement." "You stay here and I'll come back and cook for you in the evening. I don't know which life I owe you." Walked to the window and watched her drive away. Although I have suffered a little flesh pain, it is nothing compared to the pleasure of my heart. Also do not rest, open the computer, while there is no Xiaowen, I also play a good "legend of the universe", this is the real relaxation. Another "enemy" fell under my gun. I'm a genius at playing games. Do you want to be a professional player? You can kill two birds with one stone. I thought about it in my heart. Also did not pay attention to the time, suddenly heard the sound of opening the door, only to realize that the morning sister came back. Still playing. Didn't I tell you to lie down and rest? By the time I realized it, Sister Chen was already standing behind me, and she still looked angry. All right, good sister, are you still angry? I'm hungry. Why did you come back so late? When he heard that, he let me go. No matter when eating or after dinner, 14 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting supplier, has been accompanied by a smiling face, sweet words to coax, it seems that the morning sister's anger almost disappeared. Go, take a bath, and be careful not to get the wound wet. Although the voice is not very friendly, it makes my heart sweet. When I came out of the shower, I was thrown into bed. With a sigh, he turned to me. He stretched out his lips and pecked me on the forehead. "Xiao Cheng, don't let me worry.". Ok "Well!" Nodded his head firmly. Looking at her caring eyes and delicate red lips, passion surged in my heart in an instant. It was deeply imprinted, and her hot lips made her very emotional. The reaction was enthusiastic, and a mischievous lilac uvula was also sent to my mouth. Both hands tightly hugged the lovely morning elder sister, forcefully sucked the fragrant tongue to the deepest part of his mouth, even the sweet saliva did not let go. What you get is a hard suck in response. I don't know when my hands have slipped into her pajamas, and there is not a wisp under them. Wantonly sliding on her smooth body, stroking the delicate body that belongs to me. Thin waist, straight back, round buttocks,pipe fittings manufacturer, this moving curve, in my hands one by one. Sister Chen's body went limp and collapsed in my arms. The words in my mouth were touching, and a pair of hands could not help exploring my back gently. chinaroke.com

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