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Fortune is coming

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Maybe it's an emergency, the attack is fast and intense, nothing happens in the morning, and it will die at noon. Bah, what a death! Crow's mouth! Fortunately, this kind of day is like a year of suffering, probably after a cup of tea, the door opened, the doctor bowed and bowed out,die cast light housing, Liu Run is what eyesight, at a glance to see his sleeve with a hard bulge, must be rewarded. Mrs. Yang went up with some concern and spoke to him in a low voice. The doctor had a strange smile, but he didn't seem to say anything to Mrs. Yang. He walked straight out. Fu hesitated for a moment. What she was thinking at this time was: Is her question to ask Chang Taiyi or Li Gu? But after only a second of hesitation, she turned and headed for the house. But Liu Run walked quickly around the corridor and stayed at the door of the full moon cave. He waited for Chang Taiyi to shake his head and pass by him. He grabbed him and pulled him aside. Chang Taiyi, "Liu Run asked with a smile," Why are you free to come to the Taiping Palace? " "Oh, isn't this Liu Neiguan?" Doctor Chang beamed, "Why haven't I seen you come to our place for a walk recently?" "If I don't go, don't you come too?" Liu Run lowered his voice,metal stamping parts, he still looked gentle, but with a smile on his face, how to look at how there is a chilling meaning. Chang Taiyi was sweating all over just now, walking, basking in the sun, and giving a heavy reward to stimulate. But now he was shivering, and his sweat was cold. Liu Neiguan, you can not misunderstand, I am not here. He stood on tiptoe and whispered a few words in Liu Run's ear. Liu Run's expression has not changed, but according to Chang Taiyi's observation, the kind of momentum that makes him shiver has converged. So that's it. "Yes," said Chang Taiyi, "I only said two sentences." "Well, good." Liu Run nodded: "Chang Taiyi, you come here today, although Mrs. Yang sent someone to invite, things are very secret, but presumably no one will see.". If they ask you for anything. "Don't worry, I won't say a word!" Liu Run nodded: "Well, you have to remember, car radiator cap ,non standard fasteners, half a word, do not talk nonsense ah." If there was a deep meaning in his words, Chang Taiyi was a little confused, but he had been in the palace for more than ten years and was not in vain. He immediately understood what Liu Run meant: "Liu, Liu Neiguan, what do you mean?" Liu Run smiled and said, "You see, since Mrs. Yang brought you here in person, she must have told you not to reveal this to outsiders, right?"? Of course you have to keep your mouth shut, don't you? Otherwise, isn't it a little hot to hold the reward of Prince Gu? Chang Taiyi nodded in astonishment. Of course, this is not difficult to handle, not only not difficult to handle, but also very easy to handle. Even if he wants to say clearly what Li Gu called him today, he is afraid that others will not believe it. If he was really asked to ask a trivial matter, and it was a trivial matter that had nothing to do with the private affairs of the bed, why should he come over so covertly? You can come in a big way. If it is to ask such a thing that can be completely fair and aboveboard, why do you want to find him, who is not usually famous, cough, just a frustrated doctor who has some crooked talent in some things? It's just that when those people come to ask, he, um, um, ah, ah, on the one hand, he says he can't say, on the other hand, he hints to those people that their guess is completely right, their estimate is completely correct, which is the most labor-saving, and he can also get a lot of reward money. Could it be that the Great Faithful is a fake, and he used to put it all on? In fact, he is which lady placed here, just wait for a good opportunity to enjoy the smear solid prince? Chang Taiyi had just walked out of the Taiping Hall not far away, and when he passed the Qingyang Gate, as expected, someone was flirting with him, faking a smile and greeting him, followed by a cliche. Chang Taiyi hesitated for a moment, thinking of Prince Gu's sincere smile, Mrs. Yang's nervous and solemn manner,DIN screw plug, and Liu Run. He mumbled and stammered, and in fact hurried off without saying a word. This undoubtedly, let all the people who are inquiring about the news have a clear understanding!. autoparts-dx.com

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