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Historical Records Translation and Original Text

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① Jianyuan: the first reign title of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (140-135 BC). Dongyue: The name of an ancient tribe. It is a branch of the Yue people. It is also the name of a country. ③ Cause: by virtue. Make: Pie. Wind: "Satire", euphemistic advice. Refers to: pass "purport", purport. ④ Food: to eat. A sauce made from the fruit of a mulberry. According to the name of the tree, that is, the leaves, also known as sauce, Fuliuteng. Its fruit is greenish yellow and can be used to make sauce. ⑤ Tao: via. Ke: The name of an ancient river. ⑥ Wide: wide. ⑦ Jia Ren: Businessman. ⑧ Market: trading, doing business. (9) Servitude: to serve for belonging. (10) Minister and envoy: drive like a minister. (11) Say up: Lobby the emperor. (12) Yellow House: Emperor's chariot. Its car is decorated with yellow satin, so it is called. Left flag (d dào, road): a flag decorated with the tail of an ox or pheasant placed on the left side of a carriage. This is the emperor's car decoration. (13) Will: lead. (14) Food weight: grain and baggage. (15) Bashu Pass: It is regarded as "Bafu Pass" (see Wang Niansun's Reading Magazine: Historical Records). Enter: It refers to enter Yelang. (16) Yelang Marquis: the commander of the Yelang Kingdom. (17) Weide: Power and kindness. (18) Order: An official equivalent to a county magistrate. (19) Final: Final. (20) Refers to: leading to. (21) Xiangru: refers to Sima Xiangru. During the reign of Emperor Wudi, he was sent as an envoy to the southwest barbarians and made great contributions to the development of the southwest frontier. Such as: like. (22) Four prefectures: Ba Prefecture, Shu Prefecture, Guanghan Prefecture and Hanzhong Prefecture. Garrison: foot soldiers guarding the frontier. Transfer: refers to the person who transports materials. Pay: refers to military provisions. (23) Stop: pass "fatigue". From: pass "", suffer. (24) Number: repeatedly. (25) Strike: Launch an attack. (26) Convenience: benefit. (27) Yes: At this time. According to: by virtue of. River: Yellow River. Expelling Hu: Expelling the Huns. (28) Cause: flight. And: temporarily. Thing: Engaged in. (29) slightly: gradually. Bao: pass "Bao". Just: Achievement. In the first year of the yuan Dynasty, Zhang Qian, the Marquis of Bowang, sent an envoy to Daxia. He said that when he was living in Daxia, he saw Shu Bu and Qiong Zhuzhang. The envoy asked where he had come from. He said, "From the country of poison in the southeast, you can travel thousands of Li and get the city of Jia people in Shu.". Or hear that Qiongxi can have a poisonous country within two thousand miles. Qian said that Daxia was in the southwest of the Han Dynasty, admiring China,empty lotion tubes, suffering from the Xiongnu across its way ⑦, Chengtong Shu ⑧, the body poison country, the way is close, beneficial and harmless. So the son of heaven is to Wang Ranyu, Bai Shichang, Lv Yueren, etc.,metal cosmetic tubes, to make the West Yi West ⑨, refers to the body poison country ⑩. To Yunnan, Yunnan king taste Qiang is to stay, for more than ten generations in the west (11). Years old, all closed Kunming (12), can not pass the body poison country. The king of Dian spoke to the emissary of Han, saying, "Which of the Han is greater than me (13)?" And Yelang Hou (14). With the road impassability, each thought a state Lord, I don't know the vast number of Han. The emissary also, because Sheng said that Yunnan was a big country, it was enough to be attached (15). The emperor pays attention to Yan (16). (1) yuan: the fourth reign title of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (122-117 BC). ② Mission: a mission. Daxia: The name of a country in the Western Regions. Come back. ③ Residence: stay in. ④ Asking: Send someone to ask. So from: where to get. Poison country: the name of an ancient country. Or translated as "Tianzhu", "Tiandu", "Gandu" and so on. ⑥ City: Buy. ⑦ Barrier: barrier. ⑧ Honesty: If. ⑨: Take the path, the shortcut. (10) It refers to the meaning of "purport". Beg: Find. (11) To seek the way to the West: to seek for them the way to the West. More than ten generations: It refers to more than ten groups of people sent by the Kingdom of Dian to find the way to the west. (12) Closed: blocked. (13) Which and: and … … Phoebe, tube lip gloss ,plastic laminated tube, which one.. (14) Yes: so. (15) Sufficient service attachment: It is worthwhile for them to be close to and submit to the Han Dynasty. (16) Pay attention to: Pay attention to this matter. Yan, also a word, is equivalent to "so (this)". When it came to the Nanyue Rebellion (1), the superior envoy, the Marquis of Chi Yi, sent Nanyi soldiers (2). And the orchid gentleman fear of travel ③, beside the country Lu its old and weak ④, but with its all against, kill the messenger and Kui for the Satrap. Han Naifa Bashu sinner tried to attack Nanyue, and the eight captains defeated him. Will more has broken ⑥, Han eight a captain not under ⑦, namely lead soldiers also ⑧, line over head orchid ⑨. Head orchid, often across the Yunnan Road also. The whole country: the whole country. ⑦ Fu: again. Leader: Be the leader of a country. This speech commands its people. Southwest Yi Jun long with hundreds,polyfoil tube, alone Yelang, Yunnan by the king's seal. Yunnan Xiaoyi, the most favored. emptycosmetictubes.com

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