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Hot Melt Glue Gun

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You may have heard about a Hot Melt Glue Gun. For those who don't know, these are devices that are used to disperse hot melted adhesives to stick two or more metal parts together. Talking about the hot melts, they are tubular-structured sticks made of thermoplastic. Originally, they were created as an enhanced version of water-based adhesives. They can be used for a large number of materials and projects. From delicate clothes to dense wood, a hot glue gun can stick anything with ease. The following are the various uses of a Hot Melt Glue Gun with Switch.


Depending on the design of your gun, the hot melt is pushed inside the back part of your gun with a trigger. Inside the back part, the glue stick starts melting. Also, there are valves in the front opening of your gun that prevents the glue from spilling out. There are a lot of newer models that provide you with a transparent view of the glue. Therefore, with such models, you can determine if an adequate amount of glue is melted or not. In general, the melting process can take anywhere around two to five minutes.



Hot melt glue sticks has a number of unique advantages over other types of adhesives:


Hot plastic glue gun with Hot Melt Glue Sticks has long shelf life. Little or no environmental precautions are needed for disposal. Also, it wiill cause no volatile organic compounds and can reach the effect of rapid drying and curing. It has no loss of thickness during curing, so applicators are simple and low-cost. It can accepts color additives to match the materials being bonded. Depending on the specific formulation, hot glue can set quickly or the set time can be extended to allow exact positioning of parts when assembled.


Glues with reactive agents allow additional curing and bond strength through the use of moisture or UV radiation. Many hot glue formulas exceed the bonding strength of epoxy.



Though other adhesives cannot match its versatility, hot glue is not the best solution for all bonding situations:


The high melting temperature may damage delicate materials.

Some formulas cannot withstand certain solvents.

Take care to avoid burns from melted glue, which can rest at temperatures well above that of boiling water.

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