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Jade Fan Excalibur-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

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Then he grinned at the girl and made a funny face. This introduction made the girl so ashamed that her pink face turned into a big piece of red cloth. She secretly hated Uncle Huazi for being glib, but her heart was sweet and indescribably comfortable, especially the funny face of Uncle Huazi at the end. The girl clenched her teeth and wanted to laugh, but finally she couldn't help laughing, and then she felt embarrassed and lowered her head. Slowly, the girl's pretty eyes secretly aimed at Xiao Chengyuan, Xiao Chengyuan's pair of star eyes happened to be looking at her, four days intersection, this time is not Xiao Chengyuan shy head down, but the girl embarrassed head down. A man is a man after all. Although he has a tender face when he first comes out of Jianghu, he is more generous than a girl. When Xiao Chengyuan saw the girl's shy and embarrassed appearance, he stepped forward and saluted, saying, "The girl is a God. No wonder her martial arts are so mysterious. I admire her very much." As soon as the girl heard this, she felt sweet in her heart. Although she was still embarrassed, she could not ignore others. She hurriedly said, "Elder brother, don't flatter my younger sister. My younger sister's skill is far worse than that of the elder brother. In the future, I will have to ask the elder brother for more advice." Show eyes affectionate, staring at Xiao Chengyuan, only to see Xiao Xiaoxia mind a swing, face also red, hurriedly hide to smile: "In the future,stainless steel shower tray, as long as the girl is happy, I dare not be stingy." As soon as Miss Yuzhen heard this, she was so sweet that even her heart smiled, not to mention the happy look on her face. Laohuazi looked on coldly, and the expressions of this pair of young men and women were completely clear. Then he saw that the man was like a jade tree facing the wind, handsome and tall, and the woman was slim and graceful, beautiful and intelligent. It was really a natural pair of people. Therefore, Laohuazi secretly made an idea in his heart. "It's nearly the third watch,Manual Flush Valve," said the old beggar. "We can't spend the night in the woods. It's time to go." Xiao Xiaoxia and Miss Lan Yuzhen were startled at the same time when they heard this. They looked up at the sky. It was already midnight. Xiao Xiaoxia asked, "It's getting late. If you want to go back to the hotel, you can't. What do you want to do, brother?" Laohuazi said, "I, Laohuazi, always have no definite whereabouts. I live everywhere. I go wherever I go. What about you, little brother?" Xiao Chengyuan said, "My younger brother was ordered by my teacher to go down the mountain to travel in Jianghu. I have to go to the Elder Martial Brother's place at the foot of Jiuhua Mountain before I can decide to stop." When Laohuazi heard that Xiao Chengyuan was going to the foot of Jiuhua Mountain, he was moved in his heart and said, "I have an elder brother. I haven't seen him for four or five years. He also happens to live at the foot of Jiuhua Mountain. Anyway, I live everywhere, so we will go together." Take this opportunity to see my old friend. Little brother, what's your brother's last name? I think it must be a famous factory in Jianghu. However, I haven't heard that your teacher has accepted an apprentice! Xiao Chengyuan said, "My Elder Martial Brother's surname is Qiu, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Service Sink Faucets, and his nickname is Silver Beard Old Man." The name of the silver-bearded old man speaks. Miss Lan Yuzhen was the first to be surprised. Although she understood from Uncle Hua Zi and his speech and behavior that his master was an outsider and his seniority was higher than his own teacher, why did Uncle Hua Zi want to make friends with him? But unexpectedly, his brother was one of the two elders in Wulin who were as famous as his teacher. Xiao Chengyuan had nothing to do with it, but the old beggar was breathing slightly. Sweat had been seen on his forehead. He could not help sighing in his heart: "The waves behind the Yangtze River really drive on the waves before. My old beggar is really old." Into the Tongcheng, three people find an inn to two guest rooms to live, want to have a little rest on the start, but after the night of tossing and turning, the old man and Xiao Chengyuan of course don't feel what, the girl can be really tired, imagine the girl grew up in the God nun love spoiled, although practice an amazing martial arts,push button toilet flush valve, several have eaten so bitter, so a room, He fell asleep as soon as he fell into bed. cnkexin.com

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