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"Don't be silly, girl," said Tao Sangong. "Old Lady Murong is like a land immortal. How can she be held back?"? However, it is a great fortune for Wulin to have her intervention. "Yes!"! Have I ever not wanted to hold her off? Right! How did you ask the knight? Jade Raksha said, "I'm afraid he doesn't know that Black Arrow is the twin brother of King Thief. However, we found out from his mouth that there is an unknown underground secret room in the White Dragon Hall. There are several different underpass and exits." "What are the underpass and exits?" "He did not know, but he knew one place, in a tomb on a hillside, where there was no one around." "Then we can't ask him to take us?" Tao Sangong shook his head and said, "I'm afraid I can't. First, he must not show his face to let the White Dragon Society know. Second, since the King Thief has such an underground secret room, it must be heavily guarded and heavily guarded. It's not easy for outsiders to get in.". We'd better find someone who knows the basement and let him take us in, otherwise, it's very dangerous. Jin Xiugu said to herself thoughtfully, "a familiar person?" She suddenly remembered, "Yes, let's go and ask Nvxia Huo if she knows." Tao Shi-niang asked, "Do you mean Huo Si-niang, the Rouge tiger?" Jade Raksha nodded: "Yes!"! Let's go and ask her. She's been in the White Dragon Hall for many years. She must know something about it. On the same day,ball valve manufacturer, Jade Raksha and Jin Xiugu took their leave and rushed back to the secret cave in the mountainside overnight. Coincidentally, when they were passing a mountain village at dusk, they heard the sound of someone calling for help and the sound of weapons intersecting. Suddenly, they saw a figure flying down from a high place to the village. Jade Raksha felt that the figure's posture was quite familiar. She couldn't help but feel moved and said, "Sister Jin, let's go and have a look." When they arrived, they saw the bodies of two men and women lying across a farmyard. Another wounded middle-aged man,needle valve manufacturer, covered in blood, was leaning against the wall. Beside him was a woman of about fifty and a child of eleven or twelve protecting him. The old woman asked with concern, "Uncle Hong, how are you?" The man who flew down from a high place stopped six big men with swords with swords. One of them, a ferocious black man, glared and asked the man with the sword, "Do you really want to mind our business?" With a proud look on his face, the man with the horizontal sword said, "Your Excellency, isn't it superfluous to ask?"? I wanted to ignore the affairs of Wulin in the Central Plains, but I had to intervene when I saw that you didn't even let the orphans and old women go! When Jade Raksha heard this, he looked at it carefully. "Ah!" He said, "Is that him?" It turned out that the person with the horizontal sword was none other than the sweetheart whom Jade Raksha missed from time to time. Jade Raksha made an appointment to meet him in Chengdu, Sichuan Province after breaking up with him in Xiqiao Mountain, stainless steel needle valve ,14 tube fitting, Guangdong Province. Later, it was said that he had abandoned his martial arts to the head of Kunlun Sect and went to Kunlun alone. I didn't expect to meet him here!  Who knows "when" the ground, the knife that he splits gave shake to come back, collect oneself to look, see a graceful bearing only, the young girl that the eye flows to look forward to already stood before him! "Who are you?" He asked in amazement. The young girl asked with a smile, "Lord Hao, why don't you even know me, Jade Raksha?" What!? Are you the elusive Jade Raksha Nvxia in Jianghu? "I dare not!"! The chivalrous woman is worthy of her name,tube fitting manufacturer, but the Raksha woman is worthy of her name. "You, you, didn't you lose your martial arts?" "Can't you practice again if you lose your martial arts?" chinaroke.com

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