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Make a fortune

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"That's a Dutch problem. Everyone knows that Malaya has been Dutch territory for more than two hundred years!" George. Gunns raised his eyebrow. , and said carelessly. However, he Gui has also bribed the Dutch by lowering the price of export goods. The Dutch had to face the pressure of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of Lanfang and the British Empire at the same time, so they were very happy to do something that could reduce the danger they faced. Said Darwell again. …… Is this another threat? You want to tear your face so soon? George. Gons remembered the negotiations on Yangcheng Lake a few years ago. That time, he Gui also used a few threats so that he and Malgagni had to soften down. But now the situation is different from the last time, so his face is full of disdain: "Yes, we have a Penang in Malaya, but does he Gui think that Penang can alleviate his current situation?"? Let's not talk about whether they can take Penang. Even if they can capture it, our navy can still block the Strait of Malacca! Of course you can do that. But what if the pirates you paid off before no longer listen to you? Said Darwell. I don't know what you're talking about. George. Said Gons “ All right, we are all sensible people,aluminium coated steel tube, so we don't have to pretend in front of me. Everyone in Southeast Asia knows that the pirates were hired by the British East India Company. It's just that we have no evidence, and because of the current situation in Europe, we can do nothing about you! Darwell shook his head. To George.. Gons' costume looked a little discontented. “ I don't want to discuss these issues. I just want to know what you mean by that and what happened to the pirates. George. Said Gons “ With the Dutch, the French and the Portuguese in the middle, plus someone willing to pay a lot of money,precision welded tubes, do you think. Who will the pirates listen to? Darwell smiled. According to you, He Gui has already spent a million taels of silver to borrow a road from the Siamese. How much more money can he have to buy off those greedy pirates? George. Gons snorted coldly “ Not much. Two million taels! Darwell held out two fingers gently. It's impossible! George. Gunns stood up at once. There is no way he will pay that price! Even if he had made a huge profit in the hands of the aborigines, he could never have taken out so much money at one time! Of course not. But he also has an ally. "My dear Mr. George, have you forgotten the Thirteen Lines of Canton, which have been severely oppressed by the East India Company in recent years?" Darwell shrugged his shoulders, like a winner. "Those rich merchants are absolutely willing to pay 1.5 million taels of silver to buy a trade route that is unimpeded and has no strong rivals!"! And Darwell paused again and put on a very embarrassed expression: "I'm very sorry!"! Because that one and a half million taels of silver is my account! "Thirteen Lines of Guangzhou." The Chinese businessmen? George. Gons was stunned “ Yes. In recent years, they have been oppressed by the East India Company. Had it not been for the development of an open-pit coal mine in Vietnam, which has huge reserves and is easy to mine, aluminium coated tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, they would not have been able to support it! However. The goddess of luck still favors them, and their former leader has found them again, so their waists are straight again. Darwell laughed. ……” George. Guns took a deep breath. 1.speechless. The East India Company has made a lot of enemies in recent years. Your expression is a little depressed. Darwell took a deep drag on his cigar and brewed it in his chest. Spit out mercilessly again: "He is a devil simply!"! However, because he participated in or planned several battles, China, whose economic situation was extremely bad, gained huge benefits. For more than a decade, the Chinese have seized at least tens of millions of taels of silver from Burma,Cold Drawn Tubes, Vietnam and Luzon. And I dare say that it is this huge amount of money that keeps this huge empire, which is already strong outside but weak inside, stable. Otherwise. Now the dignitaries in Beijing must have a headache because of the turmoil that will break out in the country. cbiesautomotive.com

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