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Male partner: He is cold and heartless [wear quickly]

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 She must know that she also likes Zhang Zhipeng, so she doesn't tell herself some private news. Otherwise, with her condition, how can she be better than herself? The more he thought about it, the more he felt it made sense, and Jin Xiaoxiao looked down on Yang Xiao even more in his heart. Is really a scheming woman, can rely on such an ordinary face to marry the school grass, is not because of scheming? Yang Xiao felt that Jin Xiaoxiao's face was black and inexplicable. At first, inflatable bounce house with slide , he thought that this person also liked Zhang Zhipeng. Maybe they would have some topics. They could also share their thoughts with each other, but they didn't think that the other party seemed not very interested, which made Yang Xiao a little disappointed. Silently sat on the other side, Yang Xiao did not speak again. Jin Xiaoxiao looked at the other side with Zhang Zhipeng chatting in full swing of the sea dry, the heart has some other ideas. She remembered that when she was in college, Haiku seemed to live in the same dormitory with Zhang Zhipeng, but she didn't tell Haiku the news that she liked Zhang Zhipeng at that time, because at that time she thought it was a cheap thing for girls to like boys on their own initiative, and she especially didn't want her childhood sweetheart to know. Not to mention that this childhood sweetheart still likes herself. However, when she began to have a boyfriend in her junior year, Jin Xiaoxiao found that no matter whether she had a boyfriend or not, Haiku was equally good to herself. She had gifts on New Year's Day, not to mention all kinds of anniversaries. I want to eat four or two meals. One meat and one vegetable will be fine. You help me watch and play. Touching his stomach, Haiku handed his meal card to Zhang Zhipeng, "Thank you so much." "It's all right, it's a simple task." Zhang Zhipeng felt that Haiku's expression was somewhat exaggerated, and Zhang Zhipeng thought it was funny. On the way back, I bought a few cups of milk tea, one for each of the four people in the dormitory, and felt the cool feeling. Anyway, it's not a bad thing to build friendship between college dormitories. After taking a bath,inflatable amusement park, the whole body was refreshing, and the people who had eaten came back, talking and laughing. joyshineinflatables.com

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