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Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

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 At the table, the mobile phone is still vibrating, [Mu Chengfei!] Did you see the text message? Back to me!] [Mu Chengfei? Angry? I don't mention that who. Head office?] …… Mu Chengfei hugs the box, a little trance, she took the phone, fingertips uncontrollably tremble a few times, [thank you..] Typing these two words, thinking of Chen An's previous words, she deleted them again. She didn't know what to say without saying thank you. Is sending in a daze, Chen An's short message came again,x60 line pipe, [is it still very painful now?] Mu Chengfei looked at the sanitary napkin in her arms, and her slightly drooping eyes covered her look. "Much better, I'm ready to sleep.". You go to bed early, too. Good night. “……” She doesn't want to text him? Chen An clenched his mobile phone, and the word "I" was deleted in the edit box. He screwed his eyebrows tightly, and finally changed it into a sentence,x52 line pipe, "Remember to drink brown sugar water and flush it with hot water." [OK, I will.] [Good night.] Chen An sent these two words and did not receive a reply. He threw away his cell phone and covered his face with his hands. The bitter feeling in his heart was indescribable. She was not like this. So polite, so passive. In the past, when they sent text messages, she never left Mr. Chen, which was her exclusive name of Mu Chengfei. But he never heard her call again. Not once. Maybe Never again. He destroyed it all with his own hands. Chen An turned around and went to the wine cabinet. He wanted to drink whiskey, but he still habitually took a bottle of red wine and poured it into the glass. Some habits are hard to change, no matter how hard you try. Chapter 4207 waiting for you to settle down (56). Her habits with him.. Has it been completely changed? …… Mu Chengfei put down her cell phone, the soup was cold, and she didn't drink any more, but the fragrance filled the whole room. The inside of the stomach is stretched. It should be eating too much. She ate more than twice as much as she usually did tonight. Mu Chengfei took a bag of sanitary napkins and went to the bathroom. When she came out, x70 line pipe ,uns s32760 plate, the water was already boiling. She scooped up three spoons of ginger brown sugar and put it into a cup to brew. The sweet smell spread, and Mu Chengfei sat down on the sofa and took a sip. The lower abdomen is warm, Mu Orange Fei looked out of the window, do not know what to think of, a pair of cat eyes slightly squinting. Moscow's night scene is very beautiful, completely different from London's scenery. Chapter 4208 waiting for you to settle down (57). "Mmm." Mu Chengfei nodded, and when he lowered his eyes, the corners of his mouth were very lightly hooked. Night falls. Mu Chengfei stayed in the room all day and did not go out of the door. As she thought,uns s31803 sheet, Daniel had someone watching her. A middle-aged man lived in the opposite suite. According to the agent's observation, his time in and out of the room was strikingly similar to hers. She did not go out, nor did he. There is obviously something fishy about it. lksteelpipe.com

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