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Oriental jade, golden flute and jade hibiscus

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I want to ask my sister-in-law to cook some potluck." "You're welcome,eye cream packing tube, sir," said the village woman. "I forgot you two haven't eaten yet. Please wait a moment. I'll do it right away." "I'm sorry to trouble you, sister-in-law," said Bing'er. "Never mind," said the village woman, "I'm going to do it." He ran to the kitchen in two or three steps. As soon as Xie Shaoan looked around, he saw several skins of tigers, leopards, deer and so on hanging on the wall. It was a hunter's family. Not long after,plastic cosmetic tubes, the woman brought out four bowls of dishes and a bucket of rice and put them on the table. "Please have dinner," she said with a smile. "There's nothing good to eat in the mountains. You two have to make do with it." Hsieh Shao-an saw that the four sea bowls on the table were full of stewed deer breast, mountain deer, fresh bamboo shoots, and scrambled eggs. Although there were only four dishes, they were enough for eight people to eat. "Thank you, sister-in-law," she said with a smile. "That's enough." Only then did he discover that the village woman, though a little darker, was very upright and beautiful, and looked no more than twenty-three or twenty-four. The village woman blushed when he looked at her. She felt a little embarrassed and said shyly, "You two, please use it. I have to boil water. I won't accompany you." With that, he turned and backed out. "You're welcome, sister," said Hsieh Shao-an. "Hurry up and eat." The two men were already hungry, custom cosmetic packaging ,cosmetic plastic tube, so they sat down opposite each other, filled their bowls of rice, and ate a lot, but they felt that the four bowls of dishes were exquisite and delicious, and this meal was more than usual. Much more delicious. Just then, I heard a shuffle of footsteps coming towards the door. It was four big men dressed in black, with a wolf's head embroidered with gold thread on their chest, and all of them were full of flesh. The two men in the back, holding a strong man in a blue shirt, walked straight to the door and stopped. They shouted, "Is this Zeng?"? Someone come out quickly. Xie Shaoan saw at a glance that the strong man in blue seemed to be seriously injured, unconscious, and was waiting to get up and go out. The village woman had rushed out of the side door of the kitchen. Seeing the exhausted appearance of the strong man in blue, she felt anxious. With tears in her eyes, she rushed over and shouted, "Blonde, Blonde, what's wrong with you?" Of the four men in black, the one standing on his left hand suddenly stretched out his hand and shouted, "Slow down. Are you his daughter-in-law?" The village woman was stunned. She nodded and said, "Yes, what's wrong with the blonde hair?" "That's very good," the man said coldly. "I tell you, your husband killed two wolves we raised in Dongshan with a beaded crossbow. He should have been used to kill them. Our master saw that the beaded crossbow he used came from the hands of the skillful woodcutter in the past year. He asked him what his relationship with the skillful woodcutter was? He refused to say that our master wanted us to bring people home to have a look. "At this point, he turned to the other three and said," Put the man down and let's go in and search. " As soon as his voice fell, the two men holding the strong man in blue immediately put him down on the ground, and the four men in black were waiting to rush into the house like wolves and tigers. Xie Shaoan and Bing'er saw that they were bullying people, and they were very angry. They both stood up and were waiting to meet them at the door. See that village woman cries only: "So blonde hair is you hit wound, you..." The man on the left raised his hand and shouted, "Go away." He did not push the village woman away. The village woman shouted, "You've beaten my husband seriously, and you're going to bully him. I'll fight with you." Suddenly, his right hand reached out, grabbed the back of the left man's neck very quickly, and threw it hard. The man on the left was grabbed by the back of her neck, and there was no room for struggle. A man flew straight into the air with his hand, and with a bang, he fell ten feet away. Because her husband had been seriously injured, the village woman was so angry that she did not speak. She took a step forward, grabbed the back of the neck of the second man in black, waved his hand, and threw the man out again. Her technique was the same, and she was very quick. In a twinkling of an eye, all four men in black were thrown out of the air by him like scarecrows. Xie Shaoan was secretly surprised. Fu said, "These four men in black all have martial arts. How could they have no resistance? She easily grabbed the back of the neck and threw them out. What kind of technique is this? It's so wonderful." The village woman threw out four people in one breath. With a cry in her mouth, she rushed to the strong man in blue on the ground and sobbed, "Blonde, why are you hurt so badly? What can I do?" Xie Shaoan came over and said, "Don't be sad, sister-in-law. I have medicine with me. Let's help him in first." Surprised, the village woman said, "My husband is a herbalist." The four men in black were thrown ten feet away by the village woman in a daze. Then they got up from the ground one by one. One of them said ferociously,pump tube, "Thief woman, you wait and see." After saying the cruel words, he turned around and left in a mess. emptycosmetictubes.com

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