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Pecan Cracking Machine factory

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Pecan Cracking Machine factory Application of pecan cracker machine: Pecan cracker machine, also called pecan nut sheller, Pecan peeling machine/walnut peeling machine peeling line is mainly used for pecan peeling, pecan peeling, and other special equipment for walnut peeling and peeling in America(commercial pecan sheller). Commercial pecan cracker shellers can effectively and quickly remove hard shells such as pecans and pecans to achieve the effect of peeling. Mainly used in large and medium-sized food processing plants, chain supermarkets, chain pastry shops, chain restaurants, and other places(pecan shelling equipment). Technical information of pecan cracker machine: Model of pecan cracker machineThe capacity of pecan sheller(kg\h)Power of electric pecan cracker machine(kW)Weight of automatic pecan sheller(kg)Size of electric pecan sheller(m) XT-200300-400kg/h2.2 KW240kg1.8*0.8*1.5M XT-300400-500kg/h2.2 KW280kg1.9*0.78*1.2M HAS-2000800-1000kg/h6.5 kW1300 kg3.2*2.1*2.6M Why do you need a pecan peeler? With the continuous growth and expansion of the company, the sales of pecan kernel products have doubled year by year, and the inefficient traditional manual production can no longer meet the online market demand(pecan cracker machine). At the same time, in order to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency(commercial pecan shelling machine), our company proposed equipment research and development needs(mechanical pecan sheller), and cooperated with the squirrel family "Kangke"(pecan sheller machine) to develop new equipment for pecan peeling and kernel extraction, and promote its use. The domestic demand(pecan cracker machine) for Lin'an pecan kernels is increasing, but the technology of pecan shell breaking and kernel extraction is still relatively backward, and the key technologies and equipment complete sets such as pecan shell breaking and shell kernel separation are still blank. At present, the United States is relatively mature in the technology(mechanical pecan sheller) of breaking the shell and extracting the kernels of pecans. Pneumatic shell-breaking devices and specific gravity sorting machines are used to break the shells and extract the kernels. The large-scale complete set of equipment consists of nearly 100 pieces of pecan cracker machine. Domestically, the complete set of pecan cracker machines for peeling walnut shells and extracting kernels is relatively mature. The shells are broken through roller extrusion, and the shell kernels are separated by specific gravity. At present, the pecan cracker machine(pecan cracking and shelling equipment) has realized commercial operation. Due to the toughness and thickness of the pecan shell, the existing equipment is known at home and abroad cannot effectively achieve shell breaking and separation of the shell and kernel. By decomposing the manual shell breaking action(pecan sheller machine automatic), jointly develop a mechanical percussion shell breaking machine with partners to achieve the first shell breaking effect, and combine the roller extrusion shell breaker to achieve secondary shell breaking, and at the same time, develop a third shell breaking machine for shell and kernel materials(pecan cracker machine), and then use the specific gravity sorting machine to separate part of the shell and kernel, and then use the color difference between the nut and the shell, and use the color sorter to achieve complete separation of the shell and kernel(pecan cracker sheller machine). The newly developed automatic peeling and kernel production line for pecan kernels is suitable for automatic peeling and kernel removal of pecans in the Lin'an area. At present, all of them have been used in the production and processing of pecan kernels(pecan cracker machine). Overview of the processing principle of the new equipment: through the combination of percussion shell breaking, drum shell breaking, three shell breaking, as well as wind and color sorting, the purpose of breaking the shell and extracting the kernel is achieved. Equipment difficulties: 1. Breaking the shell 2. Separating the shell and kernel Conquer the course of the pecan cracker machine: 1. Shell breaking: At first, the shell breaking method was only used, but the pecan shell was hard and the shell breaking effect was poor; after many trials and attempts, finally combined with the use of a drum-type secondary shell breaking machine, the shell breaking effect was obvious(industrial pecan cracker machine); 2. Separation of shell and kernel: The separation of pecan shell and kernel has become the main problem. Part of the problem is solved by using a specific gravity air sorter, and the post-tech company cooperates with color sorting to completely solve the problem(pecan nut sheller machine ). During the test machine, it was found that there was still a problem that the shell and kernel were difficult to break. After research and development, a three-time shell breaker was used to solve the problem(an automatic pecan shelling machine). 3. Color sorting: carry out research and final selection on the current market color sorting equipment, and remove unqualified kernels. New equipment efficiency of pecan cracker machine: Previously pecan huller, the traditional manual percussion, and manual peeling methods were used. On average, each person peeled 20 kilograms of pecans per day, which is only 9 kilograms of pecan kernels, and the labor cost was 11 yuan/kg(electric pecan sheller machine). This method has high cost and low efficiency. However, the pecan kernel automatic peeling and kernel production line can peel up to 650 kilograms of pecans per hour on average, which is equivalent to 275 kilograms of pecan kernels. It has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency and can meet the requirements of industrial production(pecan cracker machine).Pecan Cracking Machine factory website:http://www.lffoodmachine.com/nuts-processing-machine/pecan-cracking-machine/

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