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Perfect world

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This place is like a tsunami, erupting into angry waves. When the Great Elder fell into the alchemy furnace, he stepped out and kicked it at the mouth of the furnace, making it fly across, pouring out flames all over the sky,stackable plastic pallets, burning meteorites and so on into liquid. This is the Armageddon, several people fight to the death, refused to stop. Later, poof, a black spear pierced the Great Elder's chest, and a sharp spear with blood came out of his back. Even the golden armor could not block the spear for Meng Tianzheng, so that he suffered a heavy blow. You know, this is the supreme weapon, if other creatures are pierced, it will burst immediately, and nothing will be left. However, Meng Tianzheng gave a long roar and did not break free from the spear. Instead, he pounced forward along the long pole of the spear and killed the Supreme who held the black spear. Obviously,plastic pallet manufacturer, this is intentional, with a spear wound in exchange for fighter planes, Meng Tianzheng wheel sword tire, forward split. Poof! Blood splashed, and the Supreme was almost cut in two. All this happened in the electric flint flowers, too fast, next to the three supreme thought it was successful, Meng Tian was about to fall, only to find that his companion was seriously injured. Meng Tianzheng did this because there was no way to be besieged by the Supreme, want to break through, want to kill the enemy, must pay the price. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve such a result in a short time. He's worried. There are other Exotic Supremes coming. Therefore, forced, hope in the shortest possible time, kill the enemy, to achieve results! After Meng Tianzheng was pierced by the black spear, his action was not blocked, and he still struggled to kill. The owner of the spear, whose body was nearly cut into two sections, suddenly changed color, tried his best to retreat, and had to loosen the spear in his hand. Other people see this, one after another, the supreme art interweaves, forward bombardment. Poof! The light of the sword, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet box, like a horse, illuminates the sky and dims the stars. Blood splashed, and this time the elder not only split the man's head off, but also stabbed a blood hole between his eyebrows. Immortal Sutra! The master of the spear roared. Because, just a moment before he let go, he wanted to urge the spear to explode and destroy the Great Elder. However, at that moment, the body of the Great Elder was as hard as immortal gold, unshakable, powerful and frightening, and there was a huge force in his body, which suppressed him. Chapter 1534 kill back to the imperial pass. The owner of the black spear was stabbed through a blood hole between his eyebrows, which was naturally extremely dangerous, even if he was supreme, this part of the wound, may also fall. However, after all, the Supreme is the Supreme, his eyebrows are shining, his frontal bone is shaking, and the God of the Great Way emerges, clamping the tip of the sword and blocking its progress. However, its primordial spirit is still damaged and cracks appear, which is very serious. The spirit is injured, which is not comparable to the physical body, and needs to be taken seriously, otherwise there will be an accident. Boom! Next to it, a big seal sent out chaotic light, huge and boundless, as if to squeeze outside the territory, rumbling down, sending out the divine power of the road, and bombarding Meng Tianzheng. Then, the alchemy furnace also came to help the stricken Supreme to resolve the dilemma. In addition, there was a mace, thick and heavy, and another person turned up, rumbling, like a thunderbolt, falling down. However, Meng Tian is like an iron heart, even the body of the black spear did not pull out, still forward to kill, to the result of the man's life. Yigu pupil contraction, he lost the black spear, or difficult to get rid of the killing machine, the other side like a shadow, almost locked him. Fortunately, however, the sword embryo in front of the eyebrows was separated by him, and ultimately failed to pierce the skull, otherwise he might have followed in the footsteps of Han Ming. Nevertheless, he was still in danger, and this Meng Tianzheng was too strong, pointing to his frontal bone, the sword embryo swallowing and spitting God Mang, and killed him. Rear three people are with the intention to kill, died a cold Ming also just, now even the valley is also suffering from crisis, if another accident, it is really unimaginable. Five supreme to hand, if the death of two people, is absolutely a disgrace, but also a big event. However, they have to admit that Meng Tianzheng is too strong, and very decisive, fighting to be pierced by the black spear chest, but also to kill forward. This is a desperate existence! "Kill!" Yigu drank a lot, and he wanted to urge his spear, because it was his magic weapon, and he wanted to use it to crack the Great Elder. However, Meng Tianzheng's body rose a piece of divine light, like a big stove, enveloping itself, isolated from the outside world, and the black spear did not move. Kill! The Great Elder shouted, and the sword, with a thousand illusions, split forward, tearing the sky apart one after another. The scene was horrible. Boom! In the rear, the seal,collapsible pallet box, the alchemy furnace, and the wolf tooth stick were all attacked, and the town killed Meng Tianzheng. cnplasticpallet.com

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