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Plastic Injection Moulding suppliers

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Plastic Injection Moulding suppliers Mold Material:聽 H13 or similar grade material Key point on quality:聽 More quantity for less cost Description: Plastic Injected Tooling Quality: Design the good matching line to avoid the flash from design. Quality control: As there is many cavities for this model mold, we have to ensure all EDM part in suitable agreed size. If it failed, we will have more EDM part for finishing. Mold details: Mold should be design for stronger status, not just bigger. Also we should consider the runner design. If it is in cold runner, we have to ensure all product off 100%. Mold structure:聽 2 big half sliding part Injection machines size:聽 HAITIAN180KN. Injection material: PVC About the injection material, the hardness is key factor. If it is too soft, the product will not off mold 100%. Mold spare part for possible use: Core part Product itself: PVC for plug, the design is for 6 cavities. For the injection gate point, it should have more care. As we must avoid the gate point hurt the customer finger. So we have to find some solution for this possible problem. Due to PVC material, it can not be off completely. So we have to find some corner for gate. FAQ: For Plastic Injected Tooling, if there is some problem during running, what shall I do ? If you encounter problems during the operation of a plastic mold, there are several steps you can take to address the issue: 1. Identify the problem: First, you need to identify the issue you are experiencing with the plastic mold. Common problems can include defects in the finished product, uneven filling of the mold, and issues with the release of the final product from the mold. 2. Check the mold design: If you are experiencing problems with the finished product, you should review the mold design to ensure that it is properly designed for the intended product. This may involve adjusting the mold design or modifying the manufacturing process to achieve the desired results. 3. Inspect the mold: If you are experiencing issues with mold filling or product release, you should inspect the mold for any damage or wear. Mold damage can cause issues with product quality and may require repairs or replacement. 4. Adjust the process parameters: If you are experiencing problems with mold filling or product release, you may need to adjust the process parameters. This may include adjusting the temperature, pressure, or cooling time to achieve the desired results. 5. Clean and maintain the mold: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the mold can help prevent issues during operation. Ensure that the mold is properly cleaned and lubricated before each use, and regularly inspect the mold for any signs of wear or damage. If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, you may need to consult with a plastic mold expert or seek assistance from the manufacturer of the mold.Plastic Injection Moulding suppliers website:http://www.switchsocketparts.com/plastic-injection-moulding/

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