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Qian Ze Hua

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She was about to shout when she was covered by the man's big hand. From a distance, he saw that the light of the fire, like running water, was approaching. On second thought, he picked up Qian Ze and looked at the roof and flew away. The roof of the moon palace is very secret, Qi Ye tightly covered Qian Ze's mouth,wholesale plastic pallet, a let the body, then hid in the shadow. Um. "Well.." Qian Ze was frightened to struggle desperately, and she resisted with her hands and feet, but was imprisoned by the man. Be good and don't make any noise. As soon as the sound came out, Qian Ze was stunned and his body stiffened and stopped moving. Emperor. The emperor Chapter 45 can't bear it The clamor passed over the Moon Palace, and the flames and clouds opened the night. Qian Ze was imprisoned in the arms of Qi Ye, his mouth was covered, leaving only a pair of panicked eyes. The imperial guards were very astute, and the leader was Major General Takike, who was a rare genius. His great-grandfather was a founding general,heavy duty plastic pallet, and he is still a brave and warm-blooded man in this generation. But Takike is still young, still in the imperial guards exercise, Qi Ye know that his senses are sensitive, must have guessed that he was hiding in the Moon Palace. Sure enough, the scale armor man, gathered the team, in a herringbone attack on both sides of the moon palace. Qi Ye silent in the shadow without a word, Qian Ze with clear eyes, trembling at the temple under the heavily armed army. She thought to herself that the imperial guards had obviously misunderstood the emperor as an assassin, but why did the misunderstood emperor not want to come out and show his identity? Can't he? Takike narrowed his eyes, looked at the terrain, and then looked at the dark place where the light could not shine. As soon as he waved his hand, all the soldiers drew arrows and bent their bows, and Feng Dysprosium was particularly cold in the light of the fire cage. Qi Ye sees potential, pick handsome eyebrow, just slightly sideways body, Qian Ze hugs inside. Qian Ze was surprised to feel that his tall shoulders had blocked the whole outside, and he knew that he was trying to protect himself. Her heart jumped again, and her eyes flickered to the handsome side face of the man. His eyes were cast under the temple, plastic pallet supplier ,drum spill containment, black as a painted pupil, reflecting the golden awn of the light. Put the arrow! As soon as Takike waved his hand, the arrow was like a meteor, and the arrows rained all over the sky, and all of them were thrown into the embrace of the circle of shadows. Qian Ze was so frightened that she was sweating profusely. When the arrow came, she closed her eyes in horror, thinking that the emperor would be killed by several arrows. Who knows, the next second, she heard a whir of the wind, if there is no brush of the broken hair on her temples. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw that the man's left arm had loosened her, and when he stretched out his palm, the wind and water rose. When the arrow met the wind in his hand, it was like hitting an iron wall, unable to move forward for half a minute. Qian Ze surprised unceasingly, she never thought the emperor would have such good kung fu, she raised her head, see at the moment of Qi Ye's black eyes, there is a trace of red light rising. The light of the countless ups and downs in the pupil, against the background of the fire, even more treacherous. Qi Ye sees the person in the bosom, the whole body is cold, then slightly lowers the head to glance. As expected, Qian Ze was sweating, and beads of sweat as big as beans flowed down his cheeks to his big hand that covered her mouth. He smiled softly and released his hand. Qian Ze's mouth was free, but he did not shout out. She looked up at the man in a worried way. When Takike saw that the bodyguard had pleaded for his life, he had the intention to agree, but he turned to imagine it again. In the end, he waved his hand and did not agree. Instead, he took out an arrow from the quiver and opened the bow with it. I'll try. The sound of the tight bow fell on Qian Ze's ears, which was particularly harsh. The next second, when Takike stared, the arrow had broken through the wind. Qi Ye took his time and stretched out his palm again, but when the arrow was approaching, he suddenly turned around and headed for the inside. Qian Ze turned pale with fright and saw that the arrow had turned to shoot at him, and for a moment he almost cried out in surprise. Qi Ye first startled, then a frown, the big hand did not want to block over. The arrow went straight through the palm of his hand, and the situation weakened. As soon as Qi Ye stopped, he grasped the arrow body tightly, and the next second, with lightning speed, he threw it straight into the wall behind him. The arrow clanged against the wall. When the clang rang out as scheduled, Takike on the ground gave up and said,foldable bulk container, "There's really no one." He turns round to be transferred, shout loudly: "Go, go after with my there!" cnplasticpallet.com

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