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Quick wear of fancy flirting with men

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Masson put down the book in his hand and took a sip. He was full of praise for the coffee made by Le Tong. "He also said that he knew a little about it. The coffee that can make this taste is an expert." "Maybe I bought better coffee beans, so the coffee brewed out is particularly delicious." Masson was noncommittal. "Yes, I've ticked off what you don't understand in your English book. You can ask me if you don't understand." Le Tong picked up the book and read it carefully. In the place she circled, Masson had explained it in simple words,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, which was much easier to understand, and Masson's English was very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Chapter 1265 Song Girl of the Republic of China (29). Just as he was about to thank Masson, he heard a commotion at the door. Le Tong followed the sound and saw Huangfu Linyuan come in with a chill. Even if he was far away, he could feel that he was in a bad mood at the moment. However, it is strange to be in a good mood when you wear so much on such a hot day. Le Tong put down the book in his hand and got up to meet him. "Young Marshal." Huangfu Linyuan took the cap off his head and handed it to her. His forehead was already covered with sweat. Le Tong took the cap and handed it to Xia He, who had already handed her the iced towel. Le Tong stretched out his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Huangfu looked down at her,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, dodged her hand without showing any trace, and walked toward the living room with his long legs. Le Tong's hand was so deadlocked in the air that it was very embarrassing. I don't know if I ate explosives outside and came back. As soon as I came over, I threw my face to her. It was a beep dog. Ma'am Xia He looked at his wife still in a daze and hurried to remind her softly beside him. Le Tong withdrew his thoughts and put the towel in her hand. "Go and bring up the herbal tea." Then he went to the living room. By this time, the man in the living room had met. Huangfu Linyuan's eagle-like eyes stared straight at the foreigner sitting opposite, with a smile at the corners of his mouth. Masson sat nervously on the sofa. It was the hottest weather in July, but it made him feel a chill to the bone. As soon as Le Tong entered the living room, he saw such a scene. Looking at Masson's trembling appearance, he really felt a cold sweat in his heart. Huangfu Linyuan came from fighting on the battlefield, with bloodthirsty killing on his body. He did not feel terrible when he restrained his momentum at ordinary times. He was just a little cold and fierce, but when he looked at a person, the majesty would run out. It's breathless, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, like a mountain on top of the heart. By this time, Xia He had already brought up the herbal tea. Le Tong took the herbal tea, went to Huangfu Linyuan's side and sat down, handed him the tea, "Young Marshal, drink a cup of herbal tea, go to the heat." Huangfu Linyuan slanted his head at her and did not move. For his eyes, Le Tong was very calm. "If you don't drink it again, the herbal tea will not be cold." Only then did Huangfu Linyuan take a sip from the teacup. Then he put down the teacup and looked at Masson again. He said in fluent foreign language, "Mr. Bill came to the Young Marshal's Mansion without informing him in advance. It's not appropriate to make a sudden visit." Masson's full name is Bill Masson. Ma Sen is a foreigner. He doesn't speak so much in a roundabout way, and he doesn't think as much as Chinese people. In addition, he is young, and now he is only a 20-year-old boy. When he saw the young marshal, he answered bluntly: "I came here with Miss Ye. I thought she had informed my family, so I didn't send a post to your family. Besides, I just sent a few books to Le Tong." It's not a big deal. It's just an ordinary relationship in our place. Le Tong has no choice but to hold the forehead, Ma Sen is really a straightforward BOY ah, Huangfu Linyuan this is to blame him for suddenly coming over some impolite, he even dared to speak like this, this is not to hit the muzzle of the gun, by the way also pulled her together. What do you mean, it's no big deal to just send a few books?! People who have been educated by the West will not think much about it, but if they are heard by conservative people, they will have to say that they have made private deals. Chapter 1266 Singing Girls of the Republic of China (30). According to Huangfu Linyuan's temper should not think that they are in a private meeting, but looking at his mood today is not right, Bao Buqi will not go the usual way, for the sake of the books that Masson carefully selected for her, she can not let them die. Le Tong changed the subject and looked at Huangfu Linyuan with a smile. "Where is Miss Ye?" Huangfu Linyuan heard that she was rescuing Ma Sen, and he didn't like it. No matter how he said that Le Tong was also his nominal concubine, now he was rescuing other men in front of him. What would others think. Le Tong felt that Huangfu Linyuan was strange, his dark eyes were bottomless, and he did not know what the man was thinking, but he clearly felt that the air pressure around him was lower. Only then did Masson, who was sitting on one side, come to his senses and say, "By the way,Nail machine supplier, where is Xuewei?"? I remember she was still waiting for the young marshal in the front living room. Now the young marshal is here. What about her? As he spoke, there was a commotion at the door. Miss Ye, you can't go in without the young marshal's orders. Liang Jiaqi stopped Ye Xuewei who wanted to break in with a straight face. 3shardware.com

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