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Reasons why you should use bathtub

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One of the many ways we can stay healthy is to take a proper bath every day. This particular habit, when done consistently, will get rid of any harmful bacteria on our bodies. At the same time, taking a bath will help us relax better at the end of each day. That’s why your bathroom must be conducive to your bathing experience no matter what. In this case, one of the best bathroom fixtures to help you do this is a bathtub. Compared to a shower, a tub will provide something new every time you take a bath. But before you go ahead and get one, you need to be familiarized with its pros and cons.

  • Your bathing experience is a lot better

First and foremost, taking a bath in a tub will certainly help wash your bodies better. That’s because you will be submerged in water to effectively clean every part of your body. As a result, you won’t miss a spot whenever you take a bath. A tub is also helpful in making you feel more relaxed since you won’t be standing up to take a bath.

  • Tubs are ideal bathing fixtures for small children

Helping a small child take a bath can be such a hassle. These precocious kids move around too much inside a bathroom. If you are not too careful, they might slip and an accident will definitely happen. To remedy this predicament, you should get a tub for your house’s bathroom. This fixture will be handy in washing up your kids easily. Since they will be in water, they can feel more comfortable during bath time. Plus, you won’t need to worry about any accidents from happening because of its design.

  • Bathtubs are more luxurious and have more resale value to them

Bathtubs are certainly a very valuable item to have in your home. Not every residential property has them due to their inherent bathroom function. Installing these tubs too can only be done by a recommended plumber Singapore. As such, the value of these bathroom fixtures is higher than conventional showers. This will result in a better chance to sell your home at a higher price if ever you decide to sell your property for a new one. Selecting the right bathtub for your home is a serious process. You likely have a specific size, style and color in mind that will perfectly complement your style and fulfill your bathing needs.



Let’s face it, the toilets in your home likely get a fair amount of use, so among all the bathroom fixture you want to choose carefully, this is one of the more important. Here’s a look at some common toilet types and design options to help you choose the best model for your home.

  1. ONE-PIECE TOILETIf you’re a fan of all-in-one fixtures, the one-piece toilet may be the perfect choice. The tank, bowl, and trapway are all included in a single piece of material which makes for fairly easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

  2. They also have a more streamlined profile and can be more durable than other toilet types, like a two-piece toilet. While they may also be a bit more expensive, the single-piece design can make them a good option for smaller bathrooms or ones that simply have a tighter space allocated for the toilet.

  3. TWO-PIECE TOILETAs the name suggests, these toilets come in two sections: the tank and the bowl. Installed together, they make up your completed toilet assembly. This type is the most common in the U.S. as they are very durable, relatively inexpensive, and the individual pieces can be replaced separately if one of them does happen to fail.

  4. WALL-HUNG TOILETIf you’re after a minimalist toilet footprint or you have space restrictions, a wall-hung toilet may be a good option. The bowl is mounted on the wall while the tank is hidden inside the wall. A flash plate or panel is then affixed to the wall surface rather than to a tank-mounted handle.

  5. SMART TOILETSIf luxury is your main driver, consider a smart toilet. Not only do they offer a range of functional features, they can also include several comfort enhancements over traditional models. From hands-free flushing to heated seats to self-cleaning tools, smart toilets are reshaping the bathroom experience.

  6. BIDET AND BIDET TOILET SEATWhile not officially a toilet, bidets are becoming more popular in bathroom remodels. They can offer superior cleaning after using the toilet, and they provide a positive environmental impact by allowing users to cut down on toilet paper use. Of course, a bidet will require a bit of extra plumbing work and space for the additional appliance, which will all add to your cost.



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