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Selected short stories of Dostoevsky

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One morning the tenant came to us, asking about the papering of the walls in the house. Grandma was a talkative woman, and she kept saying one thing after another, and then she said, 'Naskinka, go into my bedroom and bring the bill!' I jumped up at once, blushing for some reason, and even forgot that my clothes were pinned, so I moved forward and took Grandma's armchair with me. I saw that the tenant had a clear view of my behavior, and I stood motionless with a red face, which should have been gently removed from the tenant. I burst into loud tears, and at this moment, I felt ashamed and annoyed, and I hated to have to look at the world! But the grandmother cried, 'Why are you standing still?' This time I cried even more. As soon as the tenant saw that I was ashamed to see him, he bowed and went away. From then on, whenever there was a noise in the corridor, I was scared to death. I thought it was a tenant, so I quietly undid the pin, just in case. But it's not him. He's never been here. Two weeks later, the tenant sent word to Fikra that he had a lot of law books,Coil Nail Making Machine, and that they were good books to read. He asked Grandma if she wanted me to read it to her so she wouldn't be bored? Grandma agreed and thanked her, but she always asked if the books were serious, and she said, 'If they're not serious books, Naskinka, don't read them, you'll learn to be bad!' 'What Am I learning, Granny! What's written in it? ' " 'Alas!'" She said,Nail machine manufacturer, 'It is written how young men seduce good girls, take them away from their parents on the pretext of marrying them, and then throw these unfortunate girls away, leaving them at the mercy of fate, and die very tragically.' Grandma also said, 'I have read many such books, which are well described, and I sit at night and read them secretly. Naskinka, please watch out for me. Don't read it. What books did he send? " 'It's all Walter Scott's novels, Grandma!'" " 'The novel of Walter Steward!"! All right, is there any conspiracy here? Look, did he put a love letter in the book? Scott (1771-1832) English writer. 'No, 'I said.' Granny, no note. ' " 'Look carefully under the cover, they bandits often stuff things under the cover!'.." " 'No, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine price, granny, not even under the cover.'" 'Well, forget it! ' So we began to read Scott's novel, and in a month we read almost half of it. After that, he sent books again and again, as well as Pushkin's works. As a result, I could not do without books, and I no longer thought about marrying the Crown Prince of China. Once, I met our tenant on the stairs. Grandma asked me to get something at that time. He stopped, and my face turned red, and so did he. But he smiled, said hello to me, and asked about Grandma's health, and then he said, 'Well, have you finished reading all those books?' I replied, 'I've read it all.' 'What Are your favorite books? 'He asked. I immediately replied, 'My favorites are Scott's novel Ivanhoe and Pushkin's works.' That was the end of that time. A week later, I met him on the stairs again. This time, it was not my grandmother who asked me to get something, but I went to look for something myself. It was past two o'clock, and the tenant was just coming home. He said to me, 'Hello!' I also replied to him, 'Hello!' "Then he asked," What's the matter? Don't you get bored sitting with grandma all day? As soon as he asked about it, for some reason, I blushed and felt embarrassed, and at the same time I felt angry, apparently because he had asked about it in the first place. I didn't want to answer and walk away, but I couldn't do it. He said, 'Listen to me, you are a good girl! I beg your pardon for speaking to you in this way! But please believe that I want you better than your grandmother! Don't you have a girlfriend to visit? ' "I told him there was none.". One of them, Mashenka, had gone to the city of Pskov. 'Listen, 'he said,' would you like to go to the theatre with me? ' 'Go To the theater? What about grandma? ' "You," he said, "you secretly carried Grandma on your back …" 'No, 'I said,' I don't want to deceive Granny. Goodbye, sir! ' “‘…… 'Well, goodbye! ' He said nothing more after that. He came to our place just after dinner. He sat down and chatted with his grandmother for a long time and asked her in detail where she had been by bus? Any acquaintances? Suddenly he said, 'I've booked a box at the theatre today for'The Barber of Seville'. Originally my friend wanted to go, but then he changed his mind and didn't want to go, so I had an extra ticket. 'The Barber of Seville! ' Cried Grandma. 'Is that the hairdresser I used to play?' "Yes," he said, "the same one that was played before." Then he glanced at me,Nail machine supplier, and I understood it all, and my face turned red, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest with anticipation. 3shardware.com

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