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Stationery box

2022-06-22 10:34   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   348 views Reference: 1152

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Stationery box, a box that students use to store pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and other stationery. There are many types of textures, generally wood, iron, plastic and other products, with different shapes, mostly cuboid.
Iron stationery boxes generally do not have too fancy patterns on them. Compared with wooden and plastic stationery boxes, iron ones are not easy to be deformed or damaged. They are very practical and suitable for primary school students. The plastic stationery box has bright colors and rich patterns, but it is not as resistant to falling and deformation as the iron stationery box. It is very popular with elementary and middle school students in the mass market, and even college students sometimes use it. Wooden stationery boxes are very rare, with all kinds of graphics engraved on them, but primary and secondary school students often do not use it, because its color is too monotonous, so wooden stationery boxes gradually become rare.

In 2000, there was also a stationery box made of cloth, the real name was "pen bag", which was the "new favorite of the stationery box" for primary and middle school students. It is easy to carry and practical, and it is very suitable for our children to use. There is also an automatic stationery box, which is characterized in that: it is composed of an outer box body and an inner box body, and the inner box body is movably inserted into the empty surface of one long side of the outer box body, and the upper edge of the other long side of the outer box body connects the box with a hinge. Lid, a box lid is a box lid connected by two narrow lid hinges. There are spring sheets on the outside of the short side of the outer box, the spring sheets pass through the outer box cover to the short side of the inner box, and there are a plurality of grooves on the short side of the inner box which are matched with the ends of the spring sheets. The effect of the invention is that the automatic pencil case and the body can be enlarged or reduced in size, and can be adjusted according to the amount of stationery put in. Convenient and practical.

Cosmetics are almost used by everyone nowadays, and cosmetic boxes are a good tool for perfectly storing messy cosmetics. 1. The most basic protection function: After using the cosmetic box, it can reduce the collision, pressure, shock and other problems that the cosmetic is subjected to during transportation and handling. As long as the material of the cosmetic box is highly adaptable, it can still be used. To moisture-proof, waterproof and other functions, this is the most basic protection; 2. Production is more economical: After the rationalization of the production process of cosmetic boxes, the processing technology becomes no longer cumbersome, and the utilization rate of paper materials will be improved. As long as the cutting is reasonable, materials will not be wasted, thereby reducing costs; 3. Beautiful appearance and function: the use of cosmetic boxes shows the performance of the goods, and can also play an artistic effect, improve the grade of cosmetics, and thus have a stronger appeal to customers; 4. Convenience function: Because the packaging structure of the cosmetic box is simple, a reasonably designed cosmetic box is not only convenient for folding, opening and closing, and storage, but also makes the cosmetic box more durable, and is also conducive to centralized display in transportation.

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