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The glory of Germany

2022-08-25 10:13   Automobiles   Canning   260 views Reference: 1547

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First of all, the damn Treaty of Versailles stipulated that Germany could not have tanks, which made his theory more difficult than ever in practice, but it was easy to do without tanks, and it could be done with a model or something. But now the German army was dominated by a group of old fogies who believed that widespread mobile warfare was impossible and would be torn apart by the crossfire of barbed wire, ditches, machine guns and heavy artillery. Tanks, which are heavy iron knots,turmeric extract powder, can only accompany infantry charges and can only be used to seize the trenches of the other side. Round up the tanks? Are you kidding me? With no infantry to cover the back, isn't that a death wish? It is better to make more heavy artillery than to spend so much steel on making things prohibited by the League of Nations. At least it looks practical, and it works. This high-level opinion, the headache is Guderian. Soldiers did not come, tanks, trucks, artillery and other training equipment and equipment did not come, the relevant funds and military directors refused to mobilize, so that the armored regiment now has only half of the regiment's strength, and his regimental commander is not even as good as a battalion commander. But he was not discouraged. It was not in line with his personality to bow to fate, so he went around and took a high-level relationship with the old. Fortunately, his old superior, General Luz, saw palmetto extract ,tannic acid astringent, was very interested in the tactics he proposed, so he quietly helped him to clear the way, and the upper level finally loosened up a little, hoping that he would hold a military exercise to see the actual results of the armored forces. Although the opportunity has come, the troops and equipment have slowly arrived, but new troubles have arisen. High-speed mobility, coupled with powerful firepower and high-intensity protection, makes the tank a heavy knight and plays a decisive role in the battlefield. No, it should be better than the heavy knight, because the heavy knight is not as good as the tank in some places. He explained excitedly. Uh! Do you really think that the role of tanks can influence the situation on the battlefield? Guderian was a little afraid to imagine,fenugreek saponins, because he thought the young man in front of him had never seen what a tank looked like, because it was not much older than him. In his opinion, the young man was probably bragging in order to win his favor. prius-biotech.com

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