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The happy life of a ferocious dragon by Bingqi 287k -- Public Library Small Teahouse Affiliated Library

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Go to hell! You womanizing dragon!!!! Roland came to his senses, kicked it angrily with a red face, got up quickly and ran back to his bed, deciding not to pay any more attention to Uggis's request. No matter how pitifully it cries! Just brushing his teeth.. Bastard Uggis! Qidian.com www.qidian.com welcomes friends to visit and read the latest, fastest and most popular link The works are all original at the starting point! On the fourth day, dragon's blood. Updated September 23, 2008 19:20:40 Words: 2946 Roland slept soundly, and for some reason he always seemed to feel that his dreams were sweet. Turned over, the hand just put on some kind of cold object, feeling comfortable. Rand could not help smacking his lips, his hands and feet, together with his whole hot body, clung to the cold object and rubbed it tightly, intending to continue the sweet dream. Honey. Whoosh.. Something you hold seems to make a sound. Roland moved his ears doubtfully, but since the sound was not too loud, he decided to ignore it. Whoo whoo whoo.. Not only does it make a sound,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but it also leaks air! Although it's cool and comfortable, it's not good to sleep with the wind blowing all the time. Roland managed to open his eyes. He opened his eyes, and at the same time he was angry at the interruption of his sweet dream. Ugis! It turned out that he was holding the nose of the black dragon. Roland was going to scold it angrily, but when he saw the black dragon half raised his eyelids listlessly, he looked at it. At one glance, he did not even bother to move his tail on the treasure pile,Time Delay Tap, and he could not help swallowing the words of reproach back to his throat. The Black Dragon looks so sick. It's really rare. Ugis? Roland half sat up, rubbed his eyes, looked strangely at the scene of the black dragon lying in front of his bed in this powerless posture, and reached out to touch it. Touching his nose right in front of his eyes, he asked, "What's the matter with you?" The Black Dragon seemed reluctant to open his mouth, but groaned a few times and closed his eyes lazily again. It doesn't look like you're enjoying it, but it looks like you're sad. Roland was helpless for a moment, although his hand continued to rest on the nose of the black dragon. Only to realize that a creature like it seems unlikely to have a fever. For the first time, Roland was a little regretful about his previous rude attitude towards it. Anyway, this The head dragon was at least very good to him.. Nope As far as Roland can remember, there is no one in the life he has experienced. The creature has been so gentle and indulgent to him. But now he could only sit in front of it in a hurry, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Time Delay Faucet, and it was useless to face its huge body, which might be sick. The question of the department. The Black Dragon looked at him in surprise, as if wondering why Roland was skeptical about the question, so Roland immediately blushed and stood up. I said, "I..". I'm not questioning your abilities. I'm not interested in your abilities in this area.. I just ...... I'm just surprised. Also Don't you ...... Mmm Can't you solve this problem by yourself? What are you talking about, Roland? The Black Dragon grabbed him and held him close to his eyes,Stainless Steel Toilet China, saying, "You are the first one I chose, and so are you.". cnkexin.com

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