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The male God has ignited

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Minister Fang knew very well in his heart that these people were all minions of Minister Feng, and he could probably guess why. I'm just jealous when I see so many supplies. When Minister Fang looked over, Chu Zheng said, "Minister Fang, all these supplies are for the base." The man was dumbfounded. Donate. Donate to the base? Are you kidding me? Is she willing to give up so many supplies? Even the people who went out with Chu Zheng were very surprised. But in the end, these things are used to change the crystal nucleus,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, which is more open-minded than others. The crowd was even more confused. I thought I could see a tear. Turns out to be a charity scene.. Is this little sister serious? No matter whether Chu Zheng had attacked his companions outside or not, most of these people understood their purpose, but they just saw through it and didn't say it. It's okay now. Donated. What did you rob? Minister Fang wasn't sure what he heard. Miss Chu Zheng, are all these materials given to the base? "Mmm." The task given by the bastard. If you don't do it, rewind it. I don't want to rewind it. Never! Minister Fang was excited when he looked at so many supplies. As a leader,grey marble slab, however, he has to hold his own. Minister Fang took several deep breaths. Confirm with Chu Zheng again and again. After confirming, she said gratefully to Chu Zheng, "Thank you, Miss Chu Zheng. The base will be able to hold out for a while.." They were worried about the increasing shortage of materials recently. All of a sudden, so many supplies were sent. At the beginning of Zheng's operation, the group of people who will find fault directly in the future will be confused. Is this different from what we said? So what now? "Minister Fang, these people slander me. Can I handle it myself?" Minister Fang was very happy. Hearing what Chu Zheng said, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Marble Projects, he immediately agreed: "Of course, Miss Chu Zheng, you can rest assured that I will deal with this matter seriously and will not let people wrong you." What kind of evil mind? This is nonsense! This is a good job! His daughter's savior is really not an ordinary person! The man saw that things were not quite right and asked Ning You for help. Ning You also saw that the situation was not good and was preparing to leave.Ning Youmei eyes stare big, as if to hear some incredible news, turn cold all over, she not only remember. And I know about it. How could.. Chu Zheng's voice flowed slowly in the eerie atmosphere: "She snatched the jade from me.". Minister Fang, can you do a paternity test? "Yes." Minister Fang came to his senses and immediately said: "It can be done." "Do you still have a sample?" Chu Zheng asked the man opposite again. Chapter 163 Doomsday Richest Man (28). Base lab. Ning You and Chu Zheng stood on one side, and in the middle was Mu Jie, who was also the leader of the group. Before the end of the world,White Marble Slabs, they got the news that there was a clue to Miss who had been missing for many years. Unexpectedly, people did not find, but met the end of the world. forustone.com

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