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The struggle of ordinary citizens

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 But what is most striking is what the Commission of Inquiry has found in its investigations over the past few weeks: that industrial production is chaotic, that companies themselves are poorly managed, that some companies have poor workmanship, that there is fraud between labour and capital, and that there are serious shortages everywhere. Copper, zinc and rubber, which are vital to military production, are also very scarce. Even after the drastic reduction of civilian production,pumpkin seed extract, the annual production of copper is only enough to meet the needs of domestic construction. Three companies, Northwest Nonferrous Metals, Jiangnan Nonferrous Metals and Yunnan Copper, almost monopolize the domestic supply of metal nails. Although they have repeatedly said that they can meet the domestic and national defense needs, their actual output is far from the demand. The State Council is still exporting 20,000 tons of scrap copper to Japan,jujube seed powder, in other words, it is the State Council's mistake. Moreover, there are also problems in the supply of military supplies. Large consortia and companies strive for orders as much as possible, cut off the purchase of military supplies, and then contract to small enterprises at low prices in order to seek more benefits. At the same time, consortia constantly exert influence on the government and Congress in order to tilt resources to their own enterprises. According to the report of the investigation committee. This is just a game played by big business according to the rules, and the heavy cost will be borne by the whole country. On the other hand, the State Council, especially the Office of Production Management, has been negligent in failing to substantially increase the production of copper, copper and zinc to meet demand. The committee's biggest concern, and the most serious, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, is that producers of steel chips are allowed to meet the bill for military supplies. According to what they had to do, that is, after the declaration of war, they could produce cars as usual, they said. The reason is that only part of their equipment that can be used for military production is occupied. After the declaration of war, the output of automobiles actually exceeded the output of the same period in the year of the Republic, and a large number of strategic materials were consumed, including steel and rubber. Premier, the chaos of domestic economic transformation and the waste of strategic resources in the early stage of mobilization are inevitable. In the report of the committee, almost all the initial chaos is ultimately attributed to the chaos of the mobilization work of the State Council. When we mobilize, we should try our best not to interfere with the lives of ordinary people. The supply of luxury goods has never stopped. Although there are restrictions on civilian fuel, the restrictions are also limited. We hope that enterprises can also satisfy the civilian market on the premise of guaranteeing military supplies. In fact, this has something to do with the participation of a large number of senior executives when we formulate mobilization policies. According to the mobilization order, thousands of industries and hundreds of thousands of factories across the country need to be in wartime. This is an unprecedented scale of mobilization, and the inevitable chaos is magnified in this scale.Yu Chaicheng? Where is he? Xieran has such a good candidate. Why haven't you ever mentioned it. Sima looked at Mu Ouchu with some surprise. China's wartime loose organization has always been very flexible in appointment and removal. It can be said that it is not the same. Compared with officials, the government prefers to hire experienced business managers. Those people are less bureaucratic than officials. Years of business management make them have a completely different style from officials. Prime Minister, he Mu Caichu hesitated for a moment, with a little uncertainty in his tone. He's in prison now! Prison? Sima was stunned. No wonder Mu Ouchu had never mentioned this man to himself before. There was only one possibility for an official to enter the prison. However, he has never been a government official, and his imprisonment is actually related to the economic crisis of the Republic in the past. At that time, he was sentenced to five years in prison for using the working capital of the enterprise to engage in stock market speculation, causing losses of nearly 10 million yuan to the enterprise, and it was a high security prison. Premier,stesweet stevia, the enterprise he caused losses was under your name. "And the judge in charge of hearing the case." Mu Ouchu looked at the prime minister in front of him. The judge in charge of the case was an admirer of the Prime Minister. After learning that his speculation had caused the Prime Minister's business to lose more than nine million, he vowed to let Yu Gongcheng go to prison. Had it not been for the coordination of some people and the warning that it might affect his reputation, I am afraid he would have ended up with Yu Wu in prison. prius-biotech.com

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