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 Because,65 inch touch screen, the life value of the Garuda King is in the lead! So, in this game of map selection, the god-killing team won! Fang Chenqiu got the priority to choose the map! Fortunately, this map selection Bureau is not too important, and the fans of the nine-tailed fox don't care. However, Fang Chenqiu's performance in the map selection Bureau made them a little worried about whether the nine-tailed fox could win the game smoothly. "I wonder what kind of map the Deicide Team will take out to deal with the Fox Team with Nine Tails?" Tang Yiyao laughed. I think this should have been prepared for a long time,interactive boards for classrooms, and I won't think about it for a long time. Yang Yuchen nodded and said. Both of them were right. As soon as he got the control of the cursor, Fang Chenqiu began to turn the map directly. Then Stop. Confirm! Deicide fans were immediately dumbfounded. Fans of the nine-tailed fox don't know what to say. When the selection of the God-killing team came out, both the audience and the members of the nine-tailed fox felt that it really didn't matter whether they won or lost the selection. Because, the god-killing team impressively chose the map of the sinking of the Duobao! Everyone's first reaction was to rub their eyes. Then they found that they were not wrong. It's the wreck of the Duobao! If you let the nine-tailed fox choose the map, in fact, it is this map that you want to choose. Uh, what's going on with Deicide. Tang Yiyao felt that she could not keep up with the rhythm of professional competitions more and more. "I can't understand it." "I don't understand it either." Wei Linyuan's words saved Tang Yiyao's confidence in explaining, "probably, he chose the wrong picture with a shake of his hand." "Oh, probably." Tang Yiyao knew that this could not be the standard answer, but she still smiled. The wreck of the Duobao is a reserved map for other teams to suppress the aerial battle of killing God. So far, smart board touch screen ,75 smart board, this is the first time that the Deicide Team has taken the initiative to choose the sinking ship of Duobao in the official points competition! Chapter 1228 the same opening. Why not a Black Dragon Maze or some other maze map? It's the sinking of the Duobao! Apart from hand trembling and choosing the wrong picture, there's really nothing else to say. But the audience can think like this, the commentary can think like this, but the players of the nine-tailed fox can't think like this. Fang Chenqiu is a player with a very low error rate! The key mistake has never happened once. Even Chen Bin has made one or two mistakes at critical moments, which directly led to the failure of the game, but Fang Chenqiu did not, never. For the former Fang Chenqiu, every game, every advantage, is hard won, he did not have the conditions of the nine-tailed fox captain, what key mistakes. So it's really a big joke to say that Fang Chen-qiu chose the wrong map. Focus. Here we go. Chen Bin reminded, "Mecha, don't be nervous." "Mmm." The voice of the mecha was very quiet, with only a slight tremor. Chen Bin automatically classified that trembling as excitement. Red Wolf and Yong Kirin needless to say, the two outbreak of professional killing, has been waiting for the "predestined person.". As for the absurdity, Chen Bin did not make any reminder. Because it doesn't make much difference to him whether he is reminded or not. Countdown. Enter! Two teams were born far away from the sinking of the Duobao. The Deicide team was born in the upper cabin, and the nine-tailed fox team was born in the lower cabin. In the darkness, both the nine-tailed fox and the god-killing team members were very calm. Although in the darkness of the sinking ship, it seems particularly silent. But everyone can feel the undercurrent! Boom, boom! A battle waged by the nine-tailed fox. As soon as he came up, he surprised all the fans who killed God. I've seen a lot of openings of the Duobao wreck, but absolutely no one has ever seen such an opening! Strong bow and arrow at zero point. Pull up and lift up. One arrow through the deck! At the same time, the sound of a string, clang and fall. The sound of the piano breaks through the deck! "Shit, team up to destroy it as soon as you come up?" The audience watching the live broadcast in the major servers all brushed a row of exclamation marks on the world channel. Looks like the two teams want to go together? Tang Yiyao, who was on the commentary table, exclaimed. Although the two teams made the same action, they must have completely different purposes. So, see the other team do the same. Both sides are slightly tight in the heart! The wreck of the Duobao was originally a map with a weak internal structure. Unlike Longmen Inn, it takes several skills to break a pillar. The sunken ship, which had sunk for so many years, was tossed about by the two battalions, and suddenly there was a loud sound. Then,interactive touch screens education, you could see that the stale interlayer boards were torn by a white light across the darkness, scattering a burst of smoke and dust. After only two general attacks, a large piece was broken. hsdsmartboard.com

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