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What is an Oxygen Generator?

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Oxygen Generators separate oxygen from air so that the gas can be fed into industrial processes in real-time or stored in pressure tanks. Oxygen generators are used in dozens of industrial applications ranging from gold mining to aquaculture to life support.One example of this is hospitals that pipe oxygen into patient rooms. Instead of using bottled oxygen, most hospitals have one or more Industrial Oxygen Generators in the building. A system of pressurized pipes are used to flow oxygen to each room.

Using PSA will result in 90-95% oxygenated gas. Further refinement can be achieved by repeating the process until over 99% “pure” oxygen is generated.

As a side note, the PSA process can also be used to generate nitrogen by collecting the nitrogen molecules and venting the oxygen. PSA is also used in the large-scale commercial synthesis of hydrogen used in oil refineries and in the production of ammonia for fertilizer.

One special kind of Medical Oxygen Generator is more commonly known as an oxygen concentrator which is used as an alternative to oxygen bottles for home health care. While the up-front cost of the machine is more expensive than oxygen cylinders, they are safer than bottled oxygen and over time less expensive than having oxygen tanks delivered to the home.

Oxygen Concentrators are normally sold through medical supply houses and can be purchased with a prescription from a physician.
Nitrogen Generators are separated from other molecules within a clean, dry compressed air stream. Pressure Swing Adsorption technology is used here as well, to isolate nitrogen molecules from other molecules in compressed air to leave nitrogen at the desired purity at the outlet of the generator. For some applications, such as tire inflation and fire prevention, relatively low purity levels (between 90% and 97%) are required. Other applications, such as food/beverage processing and plastic molding, require higher levels of purity (from 97% to 99.999%).

It’s only a little bigger than a computer monitor, yet as cases surge and with oxygen cylinders in short supply across several states, the concentrator is among the most sought after devices for oxygen therapy, especially among patients in home isolation and for hospitals running out of oxygen.

How are concentrators different from oxygen Cylinders and LMO?


What is an air compressor? A look at the types and working principles.

An Air Compressor is a power tool that is used to convert power into energy, usually stored as pressurized air. Air compressors several methods to force more air into a cylinder/cylinders, thereby increasing the pressure. The compressor shuts off when the pressure reaches its upper limit, and it rests in the tank until a need arises.

Compressed air can be used for a variety of applications by using kinetic energy as the tank depressurizes. When the compressed air reaches its lower limit, the air compressor turns on again to re-pressurize.


Filter Elements are one of the most crucial parts on your injection molding machine. It is a key component and one of the greatest contributing factors to extending the life of your machine. Much like your kidneys, filter elements keep circulating fluids free from contamination and particles, which means your valves, pumps and hydraulic components will work properly.

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