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Willow setting sun heartbroken flower

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"It's hard to say, but it's not important now." Regret and hate and surprised and angry, Yu Shangwen beat his chest: "Damn, damn, how could I be so confused and careless?" Jun Wei-ming cold and harsh way: "Shut up!" At this very moment -- Outside the cold, gloomy, dark walls of the temple, a violent and unfeeling voice had suddenly risen: "Friends in the temple, listen, you are now surrounded by us. If you want to live, come out with your hands on your head. I can promise you to be lenient. Otherwise, as long as we are forced to do it, you will die one by one without a burial place!" In the dead of night, coupled with this cold and gloomy environment, every word the man said, all clearly and coldly and stiffly passed over, and faintly, people's nasal cavity has smelled the smell of blood, the muscles on the body do not feel tight. There was no reaction in this dilapidated mountain temple, and it was still a dead silence. After a while, the man who had spoken outside seemed to be angry,stainless steel 304 pipes, and his tone became more violent and sharper: "I hope you make it clear that we are leaving a way out for you, not for you, if we rush in, you kneel on the ground one by one, even if you break your head, you can't save a dog's life!" Mountain temple, still no response, quiet like a dead city-in silence,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, Tang Kang and Yu Shangwen almost a steel teeth will be broken! Outside the temple, in the dark shadow, the man suddenly shouted again: "Yu Shangwen, what kind of bear are you still wearing with your dog's head?"? Daring spy, shameless slave, unexpectedly undercover to Tong Ye's hand! Do you think you can deceive people by acting skillfully and learning well? Bah! With your way is still far away, surnamed Yu, if you want people don't know, unless you don't do it, tonight's failure, see where you go to escape, where to hide? It's a man's. Get out and be bound, so that the man won't have to work too hard! Behind the gate, Tang Kang was so angry that he almost blew up his lungs. However, Precision steel tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, he did not dare to act rashly before he received the instructions of Jun Weiming. He only hated that his Adam's apple trembled up and down and his teeth rubbed. Yu Shangwen, on the contrary, calmed down. He was lying beside the incense table in a gloomy way without any expression. The light in his eyes was faintly red. Therefore On the tile surface, Jun Weiming suddenly whispered: "Yu Shangwen-" immediately looked up, Yu Shangwen suppressed his emotions: Childe, I'm here. "Jun Weiming quietly way:" "Some of them have begun to try to get in. I found several figures stretching their heads on the other side of the back temple wall. Now, you go to the door to reply and attract their attention. Ask Tang Kang to cover you in the dark on one side and keep an eye out for the other side's surprise attack at any time."; "If anyone touches inside from a place outside the temple, I will send them all. Right in front of the temple door, the women will do their best. Do you hear clearly?" Nodding repeatedly, Yu Shangwen excited way: "Listen carefully!" With these words, Yu Shangwen's body flashed, like a slip of smoke, to the side of the temple door behind Tang Kang! You are like a man. Come out and be bound! Yu Shangwen was silent for a moment and said: "Who are you?" The man burst out laughing, fierce way: "Big Flying Gang, Cold Pine Hall Leader, Wind and Fire Stick, Ban Rong!" Yu Shangwen skimmed his lips and said: So it's you! Ban, you say I'm a spy. What evidence do you have? Outside the temple, 'Wind and Fire Stick' Ban Rong said angrily: "What certificate?"? You made up a reason to sneak out and sneaked into this deserted village and ruined temple alone. There are even a bunch of Jianghu rats outside to keep watch for you, and these people are not my colleagues. You say, Yu Shangwen, what does these facts mean in the future? You are the most junior in this gang, and your origin is suspicious. All kinds of people have pointed out what kind of person you are! Yu Shangwen cautiously alert, one side of the resistance track: "Ban Rong, your reasons are all far-fetched and want to add guilt!"! Shit, can't I take a walk by myself? I like to come to this deserted village to think about things, can't I? As for the lookouts outside,side impact beams, I don't know any of them. If there are any of them, it must be a trap laid by your class in advance to entrap me. It's so mean and dirty.. In the darkness, Ban Rongli shouted:. cbiesautomotive.com

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