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Zeng Guofan-Black Rain

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yuantong told Zeng Guofan with relish that the scale of the merged Linggu Temple was so large that no temple in the south of the Yangtze River could compare with it. The temple is built in the same way as Da Nei, and it is five miles from Sanmen to the Buddhist Palace. In the middle of the main road, pedestrians walking on it can make a sound similar to the lute playing, and applause can make people faintly hear the strings of the lute vibrating, so the monks call it Pipa Street. Zhang Yuzhao felt very strange when he heard it. Wu Rulun whispered to Xue Fucheng, "This old fellow is bragging." Li Shuchang asked yuantong, "Dharma Master, are you telling the truth?" yuantong immediately put his hands together and said, "Amitabha, I will be sixty years old next year. Can I still speak as I did when I was young?" When Wu Rulun heard this, he couldn't help laughing. He thought to himself, "This old monk is also straightforward. One sentence revealed his habit of telling lies when he was young." He asked, "Old Master, do you still play the pipa in Pipa Street?" "It's long since stopped playing." "Why doesn't it play again?" As early as Tianqi years, a woman who was about to give birth came to Linggu Temple to burn incense and ask the Bodhisattva to protect her. After praying, she walked out of the temple along Pipa Street, but on the way she had an attack and rolled in Pipa Street in pain. After rolling three times, the woman gave birth to a white and fat boy in the street. The Bodhisattva blessed her with a smooth birth, but defiled Pipa Street. After that, the sound of lutes was no longer heard in Lute Street. When they heard this,plastic pallet supplier, they all burst out laughing. Zeng Guofan also smiled and said to himself, "He is really an old monk who knows how to speak, but he is also very cute." Seeing that everyone was in high spirits, yuantong became more and more energetic. He also said that Linggu Temple originally had a vast and boundless free life pool, which was chiseled by 10,000 migrant workers in the early Ming Dynasty for a whole month, so it was also called Wangong Pool. There are also Wuliangdian, Plum Blossom Dock and Eight Merits Water. At that time,plastic wheelie bins, the temple was like a cloud, the pagoda stood tall, and there were a thousand monks at its peak. There are thousands of towering pines in the temple, and the path is deep and serene, so it also has the reputation of deep pines in Linggu. yuantong said proudly that after Kangxi and Qianlong visited Xiaoling Mausoleum, they were all stationed in Linggu Temple and left Chen Han behind. Old Dharma Master, what kind of water did you say the Eight Merits and Virtues Water was? Li Shuchang asked. There is a reason for these eight merits and virtues. yuantong proudly counted the family treasures. "In the 17th year of Liang Tianjian, a monk from the Western Regions came to Zixia Cave in Zhongshan to practice Buddhism.". Zixia Cave was short of water, so Monk Hu had to quench his thirst by catching the rain. One day, an old man with a long beard came to the cave and asked Monk Hu for water. Monk Hu handed him the water jar. The half pot of water in the water pot was picked up by Monk Hu in spring, and he had to rely on it to get through the hot dog days. The old man drank half a jar of water in one breath and asked Monk Hu if his heart ached. Monk Hu said, 'There is a predestined relationship between receiving water and drinking water. Today I am destined to meet a mountain fairy. The old man asked in surprise, 'How do you know I am a mountain fairy?' Monk Hu said, 'There is a vicious tiger and a poisonous snake at the mouth of Zixia Cave. How can mortals come here?' The old man laughed and said, spill plastic pallet ,plastic trash bins, 'Now that you've seen through it, I'll give you the water.' The old man said and drilled a small hole in the wall of the cave with his fingers. Suddenly, a thin thread of water flowed out of the small hole. Monk Hu asked, 'Shan Xian, what good is your water?' The old man said, 'I have eight virtues in this spring: one is clear, two are cold, three are fragrant, four are soft, five are sweet, six are pure, seven are not, and eight are diseased.' Then he turned into a clear smoke. When the monks of Linggu Temple heard about it, they split the bamboo and laid bamboo pipes to bring water to the temple. They took a sip of tea and seemed to feel that it was better than the tea in the city. What a monk who can enjoy a happy life! Looking at the abbot of Linggu Temple who had gone away, Zeng Guofan expressed his envy from the bottom of his heart. You say, why should I take you out to see the Xiaoling Mausoleum today? I haven't left the governor's office for a long time. Today, I went to the suburbs to walk around. I saw the newly renovated Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum. I saw the monk who loved to talk but liked people. Sitting in such a quiet temple and drinking idle tea,plastic pallet bin, Zeng Guofan felt a sense of comfort that he hadn't felt for many years. He asked the young aides who were concentrating on drinking tea with a smile that they had recognized Zhang, Li, Wu and Xue as their disciples in private. cnplasticpallet.com

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