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Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

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A lot of ideas seemed to open up at once. It is estimated that if she is asked to do the math problem in the morning now, she can save about 15 minutes. This is the difference between famous teachers. He can really understand where the students'weaknesses are and what they need to improve! Had it not been for the fear of delaying Mr. Wang's meal, Xiaohan would have really wanted to chat with Mr. Wang for a while! In fact, Mr. Wang is also a little more than enough, he has rarely met such intelligent students for so many years, many problems are thorough,316ti stainless steel, but also can draw inferences about other cases from one instance, so that the teachers have a great sense of achievement! When they returned to the conference room, they found that all the others had gone except Mr. Zhang, Ning Zhen and Wang Xueqin. Mr. Wang thought about it and asked everyone to go to dinner together. Teacher Zhang naturally has no opinion. Xiaohan and Ning Zhen are even more eager for this kind of opportunity. The most perturbed one is Wang Xueqin. Her fear of teachers can not be cured for a while. Wang Xueqin took advantage of everyone's inattention and said on Xiaohan's ear: "Xiaohan, or I won't go?" I could hear that she was really nervous, and her voice was a little trembling. Xiaohan shook her hand and gave her a comforting look. He lowered his voice: "Xueqin, this opportunity is very rare. Teacher Wang and Teacher Zhang will benefit us a lot. You don't have to speak,x56 line pipe, just listen!"! Don't back out. Have you forgotten what I said at noon? Wang Xueqin had to nod her head, but she knew from her head that she dared not raise it that the tension in her heart had not diminished at all. After a few people went down, they met Mr. Jing, who had been waiting at the door. When Mr. Zhang saw Mr. Jing, he went up and gave him a warm hug. He met an old friend in a foreign land, or an old friend who got along well with him, which made Mr. Zhang, who was already in a good mood, feel better! In addition to teacher Wang, we are all from the same school. In order to facilitate conversation, several people simply went out for dinner together. The whole evening almost restrained Wang Xueqin to death. When did she ever think that one day she could sit at the same table with the teachers? From it or from provincial excellent teachers? During the dinner, Mr. Zhang saw that Wang Xueqin was a little too restrained, x52 line pipe ,x60 line pipe, so he smiled and told her to relax, just as if she were having dinner with the elders at home. As a result, Wang Xueqin said, "My elders won't let me go to the table to eat with them. They are particularly fierce. I shiver with fear when I see them!" Wang Xueqin's answer made teacher Zhang laugh and cry, and everyone else laughed. This guy is really a stooge! Wang Xueqin is more confused by everyone's laughter, what she said is true! Her grandfather never let their girls eat together at the table, only her younger brother can, usually always face them, she saw her grandfather was scared to shiver, is this also very funny? So after a few days of training, the number of participants is slowly increasing, but after controlling to 30 people, it will not increase, that is to say, in addition to these 30 people, other people can only accept the training of the marking teacher all the time. There is nothing fair or unfair about this kind of thing. Tbut Yao Mimi's grades were still in the same place! She was also very clear that her state was not good, but she simply could not control her thoughts, as long as she saw Zhao Xiaohan hand in the paper, her heart felt no decline, straight want to go up to seize Xiaohan's paper and tear it up! Several training teachers also saw that the student was not in the state, but they had to face 30 students, and it was impossible to give Yao Mimi psychological counseling alone. Besides,347 stainless steel, this kind of student's psychological quality does not have the potential to participate in such a large-scale competition, so she simply let it go and leave it alone. At the end of the fifth day's training, Mr. Zhang gathered 30 students together and held a brief regular meeting to cheer them up. lksteelpipe.com

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