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Adult puzzle

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Kids puzzles have many benefits for children: Children must use their brains while playing puzzles, so when children play puzzles, they will exercise their hands-on ability, reading and writing ability and problem-solving ability at the same time. Children must first understand the method of jigsaw puzzles. From the description, they can exercise their ability to read and write. In the process of playing with their parents or other small partners, they will also exercise their listening and speaking skills. When multiple children work together to solve puzzles, the children's collective division of labor and cooperation ability can be exercised. Communication skills can be exercised from an early age. When children do puzzles together, they can naturally exercise their ability to communicate with others, divide and cooperate with others in the process of jigsaw puzzles. Children playing puzzles can also exercise children's observation ability and improve children's learning ability. In the process of jigsaw puzzles, in order to successfully complete the graphics, it is necessary to carefully observe each piece of the puzzle. In this process, it can play a good role in children's understanding of colors and graphics, etc. exercise effect. Adult puzzles exercise adults' image thinking and logical thinking; can improve observation and analysis ability, can exercise mentality, cultivate adults' patience and concentration; exercise adults the ability of hand-eye coordination, cultivate the spirit of concentration.

Most modern puzzles are made of cardboard, so the cost is lower and the production process is simpler. The pattern of the puzzle is an entire fine art print that is pasted on the surface of the cardboard before cutting. The content of the picture can be an enlarged photograph, painting, or other types of graphic art. The cardboard after sticking will be sent to a special imprinting machine, which is equipped with a steel cutter group combined according to a predetermined pattern. After the cardboard is punched by the machine tool, the cutter group will cut it into pieces. The process is quite similar to the forming process of graphic cookies, except that the impact force of the puzzle stamper is much higher. A typical 1000-piece puzzle, for example, requires the machine tool to generate up to 700 tons of pressure during operation in order for the cutter set on the die to completely cut through the cardboard. The die (printing plate) of the puzzle is usually made of a board such as plywood. The mold maker first draws or burns grooves on the template according to the grouping pattern of the puzzle pieces, and then inserts the blades one by one into the grooves to assemble into knives. Group. The surface of the cutter set is also covered with a layer of elastic material, usually foam rubber, which is used to eject the cardboard pieces from the pores of the cutter set after printing.

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