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Good Death _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

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 I have inquired about your strength before, and I think you should be able to cope with it, so I want to occupy this city and find a stable nest for my brothers. But who would have thought that we would meet the Dumb Brothers and beat us in a mess. At this point,touch screen kiosk, he shook his head with a bitter smile. Dumb's previous deterrence has not been forgotten until now. Xuanyue said with a smile, "It seems that you and Brother Yuehen are really a match made in heaven!"! Brother Yuehen is the best at management. If you merge together, you can give full play to your own advantages. If we don't worry about the rear, the achievements of the mercenary regiment will certainly be higher in the future. "That sounds a little awkward to me," said Yuehen. "I'm not married yet. Where did the match come from?"! Ha-ha Hearing his words, the crowd burst into laughter. Yuehen paused and then said, "However, Brother Xuanri is right. Don't worry,Interactive digital signage, Brother Bawang. As long as I have a mouthful of dry food, I will never let my brothers drink soup. I have already told you. Now the original members of the group are entertaining you new guests."? I think it won't be too long before our two sides will be able to merge together, twist into a rope, and work together for our future. Come on, Brother Bawang, let's drink. The banquet lasted for three hours in a happy atmosphere. Dumb and Xuanyue had already become god-like figures in the eyes of these people. After dinner, Dumb, Xuanyue, Oliveira and Keanu walked to the room together. Except for Xuanyue, they all drank a lot of wine today and were already slightly drunk. Dumb and Xuanyue are happy that Dumb has finally recognized his strength and solved the crisis of the Moon Mercenary Corps, while Oliveira is happy that he has seen many things that he has never seen before. And Keanu? Since he saw Yueji, he has been in a state of restlessness, as long as he can look at Yueji, his heart is surprisingly comfortable, touch screen digital signage ,temperature check kiosk, the other, to also care. As he walked along, Dumb whispered, "Now that the matter here has been settled satisfactorily, let's leave early tomorrow morning.". We haven't been to Red Hurricane yet. We can't stay here too long. There is still a long way to go from their ultimate goal, the Death Mountains. Today, they have shown such great strength in front of everyone. Dumb knows that if he stays any longer, it will be even more difficult to leave. What's more, it's already the latter half of 1997. Before the coming of the Millennium Catastrophe, he still has to go to the Death Mountains and avenge Owen. In 1999, he has to fight a decisive battle with Xuanye and compete with the three people mentioned by Tiangang Kensei. These are all things that can't be delayed. After listening to Dumb's words, Keanu was the first to react and said disappointedly, "Won't you stay for two more days?"? I think it's very good here! Dumb took a deep breath and managed to calm the churning blood in his body. "I'm all right," he said reluctantly. "Help me to the bed to adjust my breath. You'll be all right after a short rest. Xuanyue helped Dumb sit on the bed, helped him take off his shoes, helped him sit cross-legged, and then quickly stabilized Dumb's injury with a low-level light recovery technique. Then he freed his hand to take out the angel's staff and prepared to sing a high-level recovery spell for Dumb's treatment. Dumb raised his hand to stop Xuanyue and said, "Brother,digital signage screen, I'll do it myself.". You used so much magic today, and you must have consumed a lot of mental strength. Go to rest quickly. My injury is nothing, but I am afraid of killing the overlord and hurt myself. You can rest assured that you will recover after a day of meditation. hsdtouch.com

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