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Kyushu. Hua Xuyin (All)-Tang Qi Childe

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Tell this idea to Mu Yan, he looks dignified, a long time, whispered: "Perhaps, Qing Jiu Jiu is not Gong Yifei's sister." I gave a cry and turned back in disbelief. But in a flash, I realized that this was actually the most likely answer. I did not think of this, because she has been so sure, besides, she will do everything so extreme, is not because Gong Yifei is her own brother? The falling snow spread a thick layer on the floating cloud platform. Qing Jiu Jiu's face was pale. He walked two steps slowly unconsciously, as if he could not support himself suddenly. His body shook fiercely. Hua Wei hurried forward to help him. He said in a trembling voice, "Miss, please try again. It's such a long incantation that I remember it wrong.." Interrupted by her cold voice: "No mistake.". Not a word is wrong. Stand also stand unstable appearance, but a painting did not push away, look at the end of the floating platform, suddenly a meal. Looking along her line of sight, I saw Gong Yifei standing in the wind. I don't know when he was standing there, his black hair and white clothes were blown up by the strong wind. The two men looked at each other in the distance on both sides of the high platform, separated by a heavy snow. For a long time, it was Gong Yifei who walked in step by step and stopped two steps in front of her. He stroked her cheek with his finger and swept her lips, which were purple with cold. A sarcastic smile appeared on his lips. He said coldly,cold drawn tubes, "You think you are my sister, because your father told you that your face is five points similar to mine. There are so many similar people in the world. But now, wine." Are you sure you're my sister? She stepped back and distanced herself from his fingers, and the confusion and helplessness disappeared in an instant. She's always been good at hiding her emotions. When he looked up again, his dark eyes froze, as if he had returned to the eldest daughter of the Qing family who had not yet married to Gongyi and would not stay even if he rubbed shoulders with him. She looked at him coldly. "I'm not your sister. Shouldn't you be happy?"? Tell me what is love and hate. Isn't it you who say that love is not something that can be given and taken back? He pulled her closer, and his eyes lit up with anger. "That's all you have to say to me now?"? You don't care at all? She let him hold her skirt. "Why are you so angry?" Hold his hands, put them on his chest,beam impact tubes, look straight at him, "because I am not your sister, can not call out the thousand rivers, you also want to destroy this family, but do not have the heart to do it yourself.." I think this is really too hurtful, maybe the next moment Gong Yifei will break away and beat her. But the result was really disappointing. Gong Yifei, who had been angry, was confused in his eyes. His hands, under the manipulation of Qing Jiu Jiu, had formed a complicated call to Inga. The heart sank to the end, did not guess wrong, Gong Yifei such a reaction, mostly in the soul. Legend has it that the secret art of leaving the soul consumes a lot of the performer, but once it succeeds, it can control the behavior and even the mind of others, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and he will do whatever he wants. Qing Jiu Jiu unexpectedly can such a secret, she is like this, this will not be to let Gong Yifei personally summon a thousand rivers. Before I could finish thinking, the old incantation sounded again. "When this is over, give me a letter of divorce." He gave a sneer, as if to crush her. "Do you think this will pay me back?"? What else can you do besides running away? She didn't answer. I don't think she didn't want to answer, but she didn't have the strength to answer. Not far away suddenly came the sound of breaking the air, looked up and saw that the arrow of light from Qianhe River had somehow shot at the floating cloud platform. I made a quick judgment and felt that the direction seemed to be a little off, and I was about to breathe a sigh of relief,side impact beams, but the sudden change in front of me was a surprise. Everything happened in the twinkling of an eye, only to see Gong Yishan holding the child suddenly emerged from the stairs, and the deflected arrow of light was hitting her steadily. cbiesautomotive.com

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