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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robotic vacuum cleaner ;sometimes called a Robovac or a Roomba as a generic trademark, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that has a limited vacuum floor cleaning system combined with sensors and robotic drives with programmable controllers and cleaning routines. Early designs included manual operation via remote control and a "self-drive" mode which allowed the machine to clean autonomously without human control. Some designs use spinning brushes to reach tight corners, and some include a number of cleaning features along with the vacuuming feature (mopping, UV sterilization, etc.). More recent models use artificial intelligence and deep learning for better mapping, object identification, and event-based cleaning.

Marketing materials for robotic vacuums frequently cite low noise, ease of use, and autonomous cleaning as the main advantages. The perception that these devices are set-and-forget solutions is widespread but not always correct. Robotic vacuums are usually smaller than traditional upright vacuums and weigh significantly less than even the lightest canister models. However, a downside to a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it takes an extended amount of time to vacuum an area due to its size. They are also relatively expensive, and replacement parts and batteries can contribute significantly to their operating cost.


Window Vacuum Cleaners - How to Choose One?

Window vacuum cleaners ;are types of wet vacuums that are used for cleaning windows, tiles, shower doors, car windows, countertops, and similar, flat surfaces.

Window vacuums are mostly small and compact handheld units, featuring a squeegee (rubber blade), a vacuum motor for creating suction, and a dirt liquid tank. Depending on the model, they can also feature a detergent tank with spray, microfiber pad, and similar.


Manual Squeegee vs Window Vacuum Cleaner

Squeegee is a window cleaning tool that is basically a rubber blade on the handle. As the squeegee traverses the window surface, a rubber blade is pressed onto the glass, removing practically all water/liquids from the glass surfaces, leaving the surface clean and shiny, without marks and streaks. The problem is the removal of that water from the rubber blade itself. Some squeegees also feature a sponge/microfiber pad to help remove excess water, but they have to be squeezed periodically.

Window vacuums also feature rubber blades like manual squeegees, but the blade is combined with a vacuum motor that creates suction, removing all the liquids that are collected by the rubber blade.

Note: both manual squeegees and window vacuums can have blades made from other materials like foam or plastic, but the rubber blades are most common as they are both flexible and firm.

Because of all these features, manual squeegees are lighter and cheaper than window vacuums, but window vacuums generally do their job easier and faster.


Personal care

What is personal care?

Personal care ;is the support and supervision of daily personal living tasks and private hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining your personal appearance.

The options for personal care

Like all forms of care, support with personal care is built completely around your individual needs and personal routines. If you like to wash before breakfast or have a bath before going to bed, a carer will happily follow your schedule, letting you live the way you want.

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