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Natural and unrestrained like the rebirth of the wind

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Otherwise, I wouldn't have done that anyway. Now, did Szeto Qifeng give you plastic surgery so that you could stay with him forever? He looked at her expectantly,plastic pallet bins, "changed another identity, the wind, we can also start again, this time, no more hatred, you are no longer the sister of the wind, do not have to bear the pressure of the secular world, right?" Rufeng shook his head and wiped away his tears. "You gave me up because of your mother's wishful hatred. Brother Ningyuan, this makes me feel more sad than you don't love me. What am I in your heart?"? What do you think love is? She felt as if she had suddenly lost her strength, and she felt extremely tired. But Feng,plastic pallet crates, you still love me, don't you? "Yes, I love you!" If the wind is very Frank, "but, this kind of love, I do not want." Some people, change the identity of time and space, love unchanged; But some people, because of the identity of time and space, give up love. She smiled, "You guessed my identity because of my second brother's attitude towards me, because you know him too well, you know that my second brother's feelings are simple and persistent, will not change, will not move.". And I, like the second brother, our feelings are too pure, can not tolerate the slightest impurity, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet suppliers, can be indomitable, but will collapse because of a person who cares about a touch. She looked at him deeply, "I'm sorry, Ningyuan brother, I hid my heart disease, in fact, I could not afford love." She sighed, "So I'm not qualified to blame you, and now, no matter what my status is, I can't accept your feelings any more." She took a deep breath. "Goodbye, brother-in-law." "Wind!" Ning yuan reached out to pull her. Rufeng stepped back, "I still love you, so Ningyuan brother, don't be too close to me, or the process of expelling you from my heart will be too painful." She tried to keep a smile on her face and looked at him. "You married Sister Suifeng. You have made a commitment to her marriage. Don't forget it." Ningyuan's legs, firmly fixed in place, can no longer be close, can only watch helplessly, she step by step away. Such as the tears on the face of the wind, silent flow, but no courage to turn back. Love here, is already a tragedy. It was not easy to get to the door, and it was already afternoon. Miss Qiu! A man got out of the car at the door. It was Li Qin. He handed a box to Rufeng. "This is from General Qiu." The box is beautifully packed, but at this time, like the wind, there is no mood to appreciate. Li Qin looked at her and added, "Miss Qiu, don't you open it and have a look?" Rufeng shook his head. "I'll look at it later. Please say thank you for me." Li Qin hesitated to speak, but Rufeng was already walking into the house with the box in his arms. "Miss Qiu, General Qiu was supposed to come in person, but something happened in the company. He didn't sleep last night and is still busy, so he asked me to come." Li Qin finished, bent down, and then drove away. Rufeng stopped, looked at the packed box in his hand, paused for a long time, and finally opened it. When the box was opened, it was a beautiful pearl white mobile phone, exquisite and lovely. She took it out. There were two unread text messages on the screen of her mobile phone. When she opened it, it was sent by Qiu Chi. "The gift I was going to send was not this one, but I was delayed. Suddenly, I found that it was good to send my mobile phone first. At least, I can tell you that you don't have to wait for me. I'm afraid you're worried. I know that the process of waiting will make you sad." Next, "I'm sorry, Xiao Feng, I made you wait so long." His eyes were a little hot, and he squatted down like the wind and cried out. Why does love always have to be so wrong? "Xiao Feng, what's the matter?" When Qiu's mother heard the sound, she was distressed and anxious. Rufeng shook his head, but did not speak. Qiu's mother saw the box in front of her and knew that Qiu Chi had called someone to send it. She sighed and patted her on the back. "If you still like Qiu Chi, go. Mom won't stop you." When Rufeng heard this, he cried even more. It was not easy for her to finish crying before Qiu's mother pulled her home. Where did you go last night? Someone said he was a colleague of your company. You were kept by your boss to work overtime. Why does the cake shop need to work overtime? Qiu's mother asked her. Rufeng sniffed, "Well, I'm busy." After a while, she said, "Mom, I quit the cake shop." "It's good to resign. A girl still asks you to work overtime. It doesn't matter if you don't do this job." Qiu's mother loved her daughter so much that she didn't ask the reason at all. "I told Aunt Li next door that I could make a little money by cleaning with her." "No!" Rufeng pressed her hand,ibc spill pallet, "I will go to find a job tomorrow, you don't have to work so hard." "Silly boy, I'm a mother. I'm not tired." binpallet.com

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