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Online game God world

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The fortress of the God of war was a powerful fortress used by the followers of the gods in ancient times. I thought it didn't exist. This is the trophy you captured from Azus? Ben Lamoden said with interest. Holding the fortress of the God of war in her hand, she said to herself, "Yes, it is immune to most magic, and ordinary attacks are not free from this defense, except for magic and limited big moves.". There is no power that can threaten the people in the fortress of the God of War. It seems that you know this thing very well. Ares Fortress has three forms, large, medium and small, and is currently a large form. A magic crystal that costs 100,000 gold coins just to activate once. If there is a battle,Inflatable mechanical bull, the God of War Fortress is a money-eating machine, and the consumption of magic crystals is proportional to the enemy's attack intensity. I did a rough calculation. If I am continuously attacked by four crazy mages in full legendary costumes, the fortress of the God of War will consume about ten thousand magic crystals per minute. If thousands of people rush up, I will definitely become a pauper after several wars. This is just an ordinary defensive battle. I can't afford to use this thing in an air or naval battle. Watch the starry night and say helplessly. He hasn't counted the maintenance cost of the God of War Fortress,Inflatable water park factory, and the repair of sub-artifact level equipment requires the bones of divinity, which is not a small expense. There is no free lunch in the divine world. If you can't afford it, don't use it. If you want to use this powerful wonder, be prepared to go bankrupt. Compassion is not in Ben Lamoden's vocabulary. Why are you talking nonsense now? I came to you. I want to ask you if you can install the core of the God of War Fortress and set up an anti-gravity magic system to make the God of War Fortress a small city in the sky? Watch the starry night and say. That's a good idea. Did you really come up with it? Ben Lamoden looked suspiciously. He Can or can't? Watcher Starry Night knows that she did not become a great arcanist because Audrey became a God. She has a knot in her heart and is too lazy to argue with her. Since there is a device to consume the magic crystal, it is not a problem to replace the skill heart of Nesser. But are you sure you can pull out the nethor core? There was a note of disdain in Ben Lamoden's voice. I don't have a nether core, but I do have a nether core of God. Azus is a good Comrade. Watch the starry night and shrug your shoulders. Say it easily. Ben Lamorden and Joe Walker were so surprised that the couple looked at each other. "Do you have the Nether Core of God?" He asked in unison. Watch starry night sees the fanaticism in two people eye, say warily: "Have, what do you two mean?" He did not know the value of the core of God's Nesser, Inflatable water obstacle course ,large inflatable water slide, but after seeing the reaction of the two of them, he judged that the core of God's Nesser seemed to be much more powerful than the ordinary core of Nesser. Joe Walker immediately came over with a smile and said, "Don't mind the great starry night. She was just joking.".  He thought about it and could not find a good way. Now most players are equivalent to driving off-road vehicles equipped with machine guns. God-level players are armored vehicles equipped with caliber artillery. Watching the starry night and a few players are more powerful. They are main battle tanks. However,Inflatable meltdown, Sky City is equivalent to three or four air force divisions. The gap is too big. The reason why he assured the other Grand Union presidents that the World Police would not be recognized directly was that the Ares Fortress had a very powerful character. Zhanshen Fortress is fully enclosed. The long-range combat skills inside the fortress can pass through the fortress wall to attack the outside, which is equivalent to no barrier of the fortress wall. The attacked person can only receive the judgment prompt of the fortress attack, and can not see the people inside. joyshineinflatables.com

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