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Rebel minister _ Cai someone

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I wonder if the prince has taken the kite to hunt. "In the past, the great prime minister would come to pay a visit to His Majesty, but this year he can't come, can he.." Yan Jiuyun is not stupid, with that Luo Yan a staggered look, full of inquiries, that Luo Yan did not immediately respond, kicked the foot basin a few steps away, it seems that the roast is too full: "The prince said that although the great prime minister had not yet recovered, he would turn around when he saw the warm spring air coming up, and the disease would naturally be cured." Listen to that Luo Yan said and relaxed, Yan Jiuyun from a trance, the heart estimated for a long time, and then, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet crates, suddenly a face, eyes full of confusion: "Yubi is not happy. Is the prime minister sick because he is angry in his heart?"? What happened to the Jade Wall? This is his hold back for a long time, early full stomach speculation, at this time, YanQingyuan suddenly back to Jinyang, vaguely feel, is not a good omen, but Jinyang there, and really like a pool of stagnant water, didn't see what news handed out, here Yecheng, the government and other things, also on the right track, but Duan Shao rate army stationed, or let a person have to think more. Privately, the officials had already discussed it all over, and even when Yan Jiuyun was in the imperial army, he sometimes saw people gathering together, whispering something, and as soon as he approached, as if avoiding suspicion, he kept silent again. The juice splashed in his mouth, sweet and refreshing, and Luo Yan left. In the next room, yuan Hua listened to every word of their conversation, and then looked at Gui Wan's beautiful little script. When Xiao Yan came in, he had already picked up a pair of socks that had not been finished a few days ago. What did Miss Lu write to you? Yan Jiuyun has not forgotten this stubble, Xingxing head to want to go to the front, yuan Hua Yi he one eye, quietly to the side of a pressure in the bamboo basket, light way: "It's nothing. It's just that Sister Aster is not used to living there. She's homesick. In the cold weather, dry people have skin on their mouths. You have rough skin and thick flesh. You can stand the wind and yellow sand. Sister Aster can't stand it." Yan Jiuyun could not help touching his face, and then thinking about his little uncle, he could not help retorting: "Where do we have rough skin and thick flesh?" That white and handsome face, really does not match, yuan Hua raised his eyes to look at him, followed by Yan Qingyuan that smiling elegant appearance, in the heart hate nature blind, give them such a good skin, but no time to entangle, twist the neck, slender fingers pinch a few times, like complaining: "My neck is stiff after lowering my head for a long time." Said a pull bamboo basket,secondary containment pallet, "ah", like a soliloquy: "The gold thread is gone, I was planning to embroider a purse for you!" binpallet.com

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