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The Emperor of Joy

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The pain in her heart was more and more intense, and the whole person would be broken. The hand holding the bow suddenly dropped. The string loosens the arrow to fall, stirs up the light dust side. She hurriedly reined in her horse and said in a loud voice, "Stay here and wait for orders. No one is allowed to make a move!" No one reacted, and they all froze in place and did not move. She turned, fixed her eyes on the man, took a deep breath, and then raised her whip to shake the horse. Galloping towards him, the wind rises, the soft armor of the glass makes a light sound, and people are shaking their hearts. The fundus is covered with blood. He stood on his horse, raised his left arm and gradually lowered it, his face slightly sunken, his eyebrows flying, and he fixed his eyes on her running towards him. The stone rolled along the hoof, the sand and dust covered his eyes and ears,Stainless steel foundry, and there was only one sword in his eyes. In the twinkling of an eye, people and horses were close to him. Ying Huan suddenly pulled the reins. His face was flushed with sand, and his hair was scattered on his temples. Under his seat, the green horse neighed endlessly. He looked up at him with hatred and anger, and his eyes were burning. He Xi's left hand turned over the sword and fell. Hang the sword on your waist. Roll the reins again, and the cold light in her eyes reaches her face. "The next moment he gathered his spirit and gently drew the reins to turn the horse." Give it to me Ying Huan shouted angrily, pointing his whip straight at him. The tip of the whip was empty, and there was a sharp sound of trembling. He raised his eyebrows steeply, looked at her, opened his thin lips slowly,titanium machining parts, and whispered, "Come with me." She was so angry that the hand holding the whip trembled wildly. When she saw him suddenly turn around and whip the horse, her heart trembled violently. She could not think about it in her mind. Subconsciously, she swung the whip and ran after the horse. The sound of two horses and eight hooves is interlaced, stepping on the sand and dust all the way, and the way of galloping draws a sharp wound under the loess all over the sky. Thousands of people, the horse array will be soldiers, the two countries in the back, but see the two kings from the array gallop to the distance, but no one dare to go a step. Eyes covetously, soldiers and arrows in hand, for fear of a moment away, array break in the other side of the attack. The stone walks and the sand rises, the scorching sun is in the wind, and the warmth reaches the body. In front of one side of the flat ground, the black horse turned quickly and climbed up the slope. The speed gradually slowed down. When it reached the top of the slope, it turned sharply and stopped. He Xi turned around and looked at the green horse that was rushing up the slope. His eyebrows were slightly stretched, his left hand loosened the reins, his body turned, and the horse jumped down and landed firmly on the ground. Riding boots kicked up a patch of dirt. Ying Huan reined in his horse. Before his horse could stop, alloy die casting ,Investment casting parts, he hurriedly turned over and dismounted. He did not move, his body froze, his eyes were stained with ink, and the corners of his mouth moved for a long time, but he did not speak. Ying Huan held the hilt of the sword in his hand, and the edge of the broken blade went straight to his body. The blood on the sunset sword, and the cold light sank into the crevice between the Xuan armor, penetrating the coolness of the heart and bone.That's when I found out. He had not moved his right arm before. Pull the reins with your left hand, raise the sword with your left hand, and even when you whip the horse, you throw the reins with your left. The pain was mixed with anger and indignation in her heart, which made all the fire in her eyes become water. When I hate him. But it hurts for him. Her. Hate herself! He took a step sideways and finally turned around. With no joy or sorrow on his face,die casting parts, he just looked at her steadily. His eyes flickered on and off, and he opened his mouth and said, "There is a fine work in Tai Jun." autoparts-dx.com

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