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Time switch

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Time switch

time switch (also called a timer switch, or simply a timer) is a timer that operates an electric switch controlled by the timing mechanism.

The switch may be connected to an electric circuit operating from mains power, including via a relay or contactor; or low voltage, including battery-operated equipment in vehicles. It may be built into power circuits (as with central heating or water heater timer), plugged into a wall outlet with equipment plugged into the timer instead of directly into the PowerPoint; or built into the equipment.

The mechanism may be mechanical (e.g., clockwork; rarely used nowadays), electromechanical (e.g., a slowly rotating geared motor that mechanically operates switches), or electronic, with semiconductor timing circuitry and switching devices and no moving parts.

The timer may switch equipment on, off, or both, at a preset time or times, after a preset interval, or cyclically. A countdown time switch switches power, usually off, after a preset time. A cyclical timer switches equipment both on and off at preset times over a period, then repeats the cycle; the period is usually 24 hours or 7 days.

Timers may do other processing or have sensors; for example, a timer may switch on lights only during hours of darkness, using a seasonal algorithm[2] or light sensor. Combining the two allows light to come on at sundown and go off at midnight, for example.


Digital time switches

With ABB's digital timer switches, you can cut your energy consumption easily. The DBT timer app allows you to perfectly program the energy usage with a significantly reduced configuration time.

Lighting, heating, ventilation, and watering of gardens can easily be controlled according to a customized schedule to only use the energy that is needed. DBT digital time switches are ideally suited to program the operation according to daily, weekly or annual schedules in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

In addition to saving energy, with the new DBT timer app, you also save up to 80% of commissioning time and effort yourself.


Mechanical electric timer switches ; ;

These mechanical timer switches ;were the first to appear on the market. They consist of a small electric motor that drives a clock which is typically 24 hours, although ones for a week are also available. A dial is marked for the 24 hours or other time period and around this is a mechanical setting system. This triggers the mechanical switch to toggle between on and off as required.

The advantage of these mechanical switches is that they are very easy and intuitive to set.


What is the principle of the push button switches?

The push button ;switch ;is usually used to turn on and off the control circuit, and it is a kind of control switch appliance that is widely used. It is used in electrical automatic control circuits to manually send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc. Its characteristic is that it is installed in the machine and instrument in the process of work, most of the time is in the initial free state position, and only when needed, it is converted to the second state (position) under the action of external force. Once the external force is removed, due to With the action of the spring, the switch returns to the initial position.

The push button switch can complete basic controls such as start, stop, forward and reverse rotation, speed change, and interlock. Usually, each push button switch has two pairs of contacts. Each pair of contacts consists of a NO contact and an NC contact. When the button is pressed, the two pairs of contacts act simultaneously, the NC contact is disconnected, and the NO contact is closed.

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