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The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

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One hundred Qianlong wanted to be promoted to the rank of Fu Kangan. For one thing, he was on duty as a bodyguard for the first time, and for another, he was too young to be promoted without success. With this credit, the heart of this gratification, how outsiders can not understand. On second thought of Yin Jishan's words, instead of being calm and prudent, he turned to think that Liu Yong was a civil servant, and how to count his labor according to his field feats. He also thought that Fu Kangan was really a great talent. He was born purely in martial arts. It seemed a pity that he was rewarded too heavily under one merit, and it was easy to increase his arrogance and arrogance.. As he thought about it, his mind was already settled Pure Brightness. "Actually," he said with a smile,deep draw stamping, "I take their loyalty to the emperor and love for the people regardless of their interests. The battle was a close one. If you have half a perfunctory heart, first come to ask for a decree, or first contact and consult with the Taiwan garrison in Shandong Province. Aft careful deliberation, that thieves escape, and they lose their responsibility-this is the common trick of mediocre official. Fu Heng has a son! Liu Tongxun has a son! I cannot describe the joy in my heart. But after all,socket screw plug, they are young, and they have to be honed to become useful. He paused for a moment and then added, "I expect that their discount will arrive tonight and tomorrow. The Military Department will discuss it first. We should make an issue of commendation and encouragement, and the meritorious personnel at the lower levels will keep their stories as usual.". Their contributions, although the court has a system, would rather from the low or file, wait until the messenger finished the introduction, not too late. How did a few people know that Qianlong had changed his mind in a moment? When he wanted to say more, Qianlong said with a smile, die casting parts ,metal stamping parts, "Let's talk about it when their memorial comes."! Ji Yun reported a good news to rush, my heart is actually depressed, the administration is a real article, the real article is really difficult to do-I do not know how many times the late emperor said this, at that time just put himself in the position, but now it is empathy! He suppressed a smile. The slave just talked about the cowhide tent. When the Fifth Master returns to Beijing, please summon the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of War to discuss it. Now there is no time to divide the responsibilities, and the five thousand tents allocated from the Department of Treasury will never be enough. Whether from Horqin or Chahar, it is urgent to purchase fifty thousand collars and distribute them to the garrison in Qinghai. Yin Jishan sat upright with his hands on his knees, staring at the front and saying slowly, "You can distinguish right from wrong calmly. Soldiers can't be calm when they are cold and hungry.". Qinghai's terrain is cold and cold, and some large camps have only one winter a year, so the frozen soil can't grow grain and vegetables, eat moldy grain and live in broken tents. The slave went to inspect, and the soldiers all looked like vegetables, and some of the whole battalion looked like chickens, and at dusk they became a group of blind people! I asked the Ministry of the Interior to allocate peanuts, walnuts, jujubes and melon seeds and transport them to the barracks. From officers to soldiers, they ran and cheered, 'Long live the sages! Empathize with our poor soldiers! ' Later, when it was transferred again, it could not be moved. The Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior all said that the soldiers in the plain barracks only ate green vegetables and tofu, and that the supply of military supplies could not favor one over the other. How did they know that there was no place to exchange a hundred catties of mutton for a catty of green vegetables in those places! A truckload of turnips was sent to the soldiers in the camp to gather around and eat them all for a while. The slave went into the kitchen in person and ate dried vegetables, mutton and snow rice for two days. It was really hard to swallow. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a frown on his lips, as if he still could not bear the bitterness. At that moment, Ji Yun noticed that Yin Jishan had become black and old, not only his beard was pale, but also his thick and thick hair had become unusually thin, and his braids were only the thickness of his thumb,Magnetic Drain Plug, hanging softly behind his head. Think of two years ago with the tour of Qingliangshan, Yin Jishan that elegant, how to look at the spirit of the game and in front of the deep and prudent description of the haggard minister of military aircraft can not be confirmed. autoparts-dx.com

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