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The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise

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 He was immediately pleasantly surprised, and he thought that he would have to attack the immortal emperor at least several times or even dozens of times. Did not expect the first impact, encountered the immortal emperor estrangement. He immediately understood what was going on,plastic laminted tube, and according to his own progress, he could in fact have been promoted to the immortal emperor. That is to say, his immortal accumulation has been enough, the reason why there has been no way to cross the robbery to promote the immortal emperor, because he has no way to promote to the immortal perfect, this time suddenly came to the immortal perfect, the rest is equal to a matter of course, without hindrance. Click.. An explosion sounded in the air,plastic packing tube, and the thunder robbery had already come down when it hit the immortal emperor for the first time. Kui did not hesitate to take out a'Taiwei Emperor also Dan 'again and throw it into the mouth. What he lacked most was the elixir. This thing is very precious to other clans, but it is a lot for him. The thunder flashed down, and Emperor Wuying immediately offered up the root of his immortal iron tree. He wanted to take advantage of the situation when the first wave of thunder was hit by an arc of fire. This is something he has already calculated, and it must not be abandoned in the middle. Nine blue and black se of the thunder arc fell, no immortal emperor immediately startled, he did not think of the thunder robbery arc actually has the thickness of a bucket. But then he was more reassured, the nine thunder arcs fell, and even if he didn't die, he would be seriously injured, and his robbery was 100% successful. Even if he is affected by the thunder robbery arc, it is only a minor injury at most. Emperor Wu Yingxian's calculation was very accurate, and his Tieshu root followed the nine thunder arcs, and he was sure that even if he was affected, it was also a slight impact. What's more, custom cosmetic packing ,eye cream packaging tube, he has already sacrificed his top defense magic weapon, Jin Longtu, to protect his whole body. Click, click.. The continuous lightning struck down, no hero emperor this just dumbfounded, this bastard in the end is crossing what thunder robbery ah? The nine thunder arcs were only part of the first wave of thunder plunder, and after the nine thunder plunder, there were dozens of thunder arcs of the same thickness. This man went against the sky and was not allowed to live. If I had known that he was such a terrible thunder robbery, Emperor Yingxian would rather go far away. He believed that no one could survive this kind of thunder robbery, not even Kui. Not to mention this kind of thunder plunder, there is no immortal emperor who can get through it. Even the true emperor of that year, I'm afraid he can't get through this kind of immortal emperor thunder plunder. Seeing that Emperor Wu Yingxian had been involved in the thunder robbery, he sneered in his heart. The old man deserves it for stealing the chicken without losing the rice. Others were afraid of this kind of thunder robbery, but he was not afraid at all. He had expected his fairy thunder to be crazy, and it was just an appetizer. What he wants is to speed up his attack on the immortal emperor in this appetizer. Once he is promoted to the real immortal emperor, his cultivation will increase by tens of times. This kind of thunder robbery is just a matter of children playing house. If there is no hero emperor to join, this first wave of thunder plunder, Kui will sacrifice purple to resist one or two, but now there is no hero emperor to join. He was too lazy to resist, only knew how to run'Sansheng Jue 'and refine his body crazily, while absorbing Lei yuan, while tempering his body, while mobilizing all the immortals to attack the barrier of the immortal emperor. Boom, boom, boom.. Dozens of buckets of thick thunder plunder arc continuous bombardment on his body, his body was immediately lifted a piece of flesh and blood, bones were also hit the crunch. However, he was happy and fearless, and still frantically mobilized the immortal yuan and the divine consciousness to attack the immortal emperor. The power of'Tai Wei Di Huan Dan 'is already full, and with the crazy absorption of fairy spirit and thunder source, the combined power of these is even greater. But even so, this impact on the immortal emperor barrier above, just let the immortal emperor barrier whole tremble, even the crack did not open. It was very clear in his heart that although he could easily touch the barrier of the immortal emperor,plastic packaging tube, it was not easy to break through the barrier and promote the immortal emperor. At this time, he simply did not care about the immortal emperor, but focused on the crazy absorption of immortal spirit and Lei yuan's impact on the immortal emperor. emptycosmetictubes.com

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